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Business Intelligence (BI)


Business Intelligence - Datawarehousing

  • Business Intelligence (BI): The only way to get well-timed answers to crucial questions, and to stay ahead of your competition.
  • Huge Data from the total operation of a retailer is converted into interpretable information.
  • BI relates to the collection and analysis of internal and external information and to condense this into decision-making information.
  • Business comparison.
  • All data from various sources in one application - RetailVista, but also external ERP- or Account systems.
  • Turnover, margin, stock, customer counts, but also financial data from external ERP-systems can be stored in the BI.
  • Relevant searches within all available data.
  • Real-time answers to all your business questions.
  • Display for correct data and the resulting proper analyses are an integral part of good Product Information Management.
  • Use of a proven platform on the basis of Qlik Business Intelligence Software.
  • Skilled and technical BI consultants and specialised business analysts are available.
  • Different dashboards available around the most common questions around your KPI's.
  • Available dashboards: Sales, Online sales, Stock and Financial.

Example of a dashboard