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Functionality – Interfaces – EDI


  • EDI communication is an integral part from the initial development of RetailVista in 2006.
  • EDI increases the efficiency of all parties involved (suppliers, retailers and branches).
  • Information does not have to be entered manually, thereby saving time and always correct information is displayed.
  • The supplier often offers a better buying condition when you use EDI to send your purchase orders.
  • EDI messages are also used for branch administation, shop orders and linking of companies.

Supported message types

  • ORDER, placing a purchase order from the supplier or an affiliate. Time saving and no errors in the delivery.
  • DESADV, delivery note message on receipt of goods from the supplier, resulting in a huge time savings for the retailer.
  • INVOICE, the supplier's purchase invoice is based on previous deliveries made, providing a fast and correct control of the purchase invoice.
  • RETINS, message to inform suppliers that goods should be collected to return.
  • SLSRPT, a message to inform suppliers which items are sold from their range, very  useful with  consignment agreements.
  • INVRPT, a message that provides information about the  master data and stock levels, often combined with SLSRPT.
  • PRICAT, message containing the master data and purchasing data of the suppliers' products.
  • ORDRSP, confirmation of the order placed (and order raised, by supplier).
  • IFTMIN, message for the logistics service parcel carriers.

Example of EDI-messages received

RetailLink - EDI