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RetailVista Service Platform – Architecture


RetailVista's Service Platform 3-layer architecture


  • In the cloud, so always and everywhere available real-time, via the RetailVista website, mobile applications and web services.
  • Flexible, scalable and future-proof platform based on C#.NET and SQL.
  • Intefacing possible because of open 3-layer architecture: Business Logic and Databases are contained within the Service Platform.
  • Third-party applications can easily be integrated trough the RetailVista API based on WCF and Webcalls.
  • Security trough company number/username/password and IP-restrictions.
  • Encryption

Hosting of the highest quality

Patch Server kast NedFox

  • Reliability and quality of services are paramount, since 2008.
  • Convenience and predicatable lower costs, no onsite servers necessary for your ePOS solution.
  • You save on backups, software updates, management and on hardware investments and maintenance.
  • The retailer can focus on its core tasks, presentation and sales. We simply take care of the operational matters.
  • Our hosting sites are twin-operated, in separate buildings with a fall-back location.
  • RetailVista is, and will allways be, developed with "performance" as important starting point. RetailVista works fast, even with very large databases (1.000.000+ items).

Business, Company and Stores structure


  • Suitable for retail-chains, hard- and soft franchise organisations and single sites.
  • All master data (including product files) is contained on the business level and are instantly available to all underlying Companies and Stores.
  • Settings at higher level can, if necessary, automatically be transferred to lower levels.
  • Multiple store-types and promotion-types possible within 1 business.
  • Quick roll-out (of new stores) because all master data and settings are already available.
  • All information of the business and underlying companies and stores is in one database which makes batch processing of data historie !

The Retail3000 API, a unique and completely open interface in detail

  • Unique structure of the Service Platform: This allows RetailVista easily to connect with other applications.
  • Completely open: All applications can change or retrieve data via the Retail3000 Service Platform.
  • All processes take place within the business rules of Retail3000, where all data is stored in a SQL-database.
  • The interface with Retail3000 takes place on the basis of a webservice (HTTP).
  • Access is provided on the basis of a fixed IP-address, company number, username and password.
  • Also all the applications of RetailVista itself communicate with the Retail3000 platform. This provides complete 'openness' while retaining the important business rules.
  • Parties who develop applications can do this in a test environment. After acceptance of the application to be integrated, the link is established to the live environment.