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Suppliers – Product Data and Logistics (External)


  • EDI plays an important role, and is completely integrated within Retailvista.
  • PRICAT-messages for receipt of the necessary product information, master data and purchase information.
  • ORDER-messages for sending purchase orders to the supplier.
  • DESADV-messages for the receipt of the packing-lists/delivery notes of the supplier.
  • INVOICE-messages for the receipt of the purchase order invoices from the supplier.
  • RETINS-messages to inform the supplier that there are goods which must be collected.
  • SLSRPT-messages to inform the suppliers which products from their product range are sold an against which selling price. Also in combination with consignment products.
  • INVRPT-messages which informs suppliers about the retailer's stock levels. Often combined with SLSRPT.
  • You can of course import master data in RetailVista via an Excel file. However, there is no standard of how data should be deliverd, therefore increasing the change of errors.


Interfaces EDI

All EDI-interfaces of RetailVista