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Websites for customers & Customer App’s


  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will create high Google rankings for your web shop.
  • A very personal approach - We customize your webshop based on your requirements.
  • Electronic beacons in the shop can highlight special promotions to the customers via the customer-APP.
  • Great security and proven techniques.

Integration with the customer information, within RetailVista

  • The customer card form the Loyalty module is key, together with the customers' home address.
  • Display of savings balance, purchase history, sales receipts and extra information around the actual purchases is one of the options.
  • The customer can record their name and address information and preferences for information, themselves.
  • Special promotions for specific customers can be made, which are visible displayed as voucher in the APP.
  • Newsletters can be sent on the basis of the purchase history and preferences of the customer.