Everton Nurseries and Garden Centre

After a successful installation at Everton Nurseries we spoke to owner Simon and got his thoughts on RetailVista

Everton Nurseries - Simon Collyer

Why NedFox?

For Everton, there were a number of companies to choose from but we particularly liked the idea of having a cloud-based solution that would fully integrate with our existing loyalty providers – we have not been disappointed!

Why EPoS?

We knew that the garden centre had grown to a size that we needed to keep a closer watch on our margins and reduce our stock levels. At the same time our loyalty scheme had grown to over 5,000 members and we needed a more efficient way to interact with our customers. Another reason is that we wanted to give the customer a detailed receipt of their purchases and show a more professional image in that respect.

Any regrets?

None at all, other than perhaps that we should have done this years ago. We have no servers in the back office any longer, no worries about back-up’s and access to the system from home or even on our holidays, if we want to. We have no doubt that NedFox will become the leading garden centre EPoS providers in the UK and we are glad that we were part of it, right from the start.

What next for Everton Garden Centre?

Personalised Marketing, the way the supermarkets do it, will be a far more cost effective way to maximise customer retention and enable us to move away from giving points on all purchases and even increasing their reward perception. Our cloud-based system enables us to do this seamlessly.

April 2013 – Installation 4-till system, including restaurant:
Modules include:
Catering, Labelling, Statistics, Delivery on Account, Invoicing, Loyalty Scheme, Purchases Ordering, Goods-In, Accounting Exports (Sage) and Excel Interface. Also 2 PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) hand-held computers.