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RetailVista Hosting

RetailVista is a Cloud-based EPoS solution which means that all the information held within your EPoS database is safely and securely hosted on our cloud servers. Our hosted servers are sitting on the fastest broadband in the world at our data centres in Amsterdam, with back up centres several miles away. Our servers are also super fast and powerful allowing you to store an unlimited number of products without affecting the speed of your day-to-day operations at all. We also maintain the tightest security and are proud to say we have never lost any customer data or suffered through hacking or viruses. We understand how important speed of working and security of data is to a modern business, this is why our hosting facilities and servers are second to none.

RetailVista API

As a modern 21st century business, we have many partnerships and integrations which all benefit our customers. In order to ensure smooth integrations with our integrated partners, we developed our open API (Application Programming Interface). This means that any modern program is able to integrate with us such as Chip and Pin processors, transport systems, accounts packages, Webshops and more. If you have a requirement of integrations with a third party, get in-touch with us and we will be happy to explain how this can work for you.

Epos system

About RetailVista™

RetailVista by NedFox is the leading EPoS and management solution for garden centres. We have succesfully automated over 400 garden centres with over 2000 tills across Europe.

We understand that EPoS should work around your business, allowing you to become more efficient in all aspects of running your store. Everyone uses their EPoS differently as no two businesses are the same. We completely recognise this and give you the option of adding or removing modules as required; meaning you are not paying for what you are not using!

Epos system