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NedFox are proud to have fellow leaders in innovation and specialists in garden centre marketing strategies, Garden Connect, as one of our partners.

As the HTA’s digital partner, Garden Connect are the industry leaders in online services with more than 300 garden centres trusting them with their websites, webshops, web content and marketing services.

Together we are nearing 100 integrations with our RetailVista ePOS suite and Garden Connect where we have co-cooperatively helped improve efficiency and automation.

What does this partnership allow?

As both companies have very strong teams of developers, there is nothing we can not achieve together. But through the use of the NedFox open API (Application Programmers Interface), any company such as Garden Connect can write integrations in to our ePOS suite RetailVista

  • Webshop(s) – Webshop product information, stock, images and offers can be populated from RetailVista. Customers purchases are sent from the webshop to the Sales Orders within the tills for picking, shipping or collection.
  • Direct Marketing based on customer purchases – Customer purchases can be reported on in detail, offering great information for marketing. Why not run a report in June for all customers who bought a BBQ, then send them an email suggesting great promotions on BBQ add ons like gas, covers, utensils or novelty aprons!
  • Daily news/Plant Tips/Newsletters – Garden Connect provide great marketing content written by professional writers. News and tips can be added to your website to save you the effort of a time consuming task. Newsletters can also be provided which you can then send out to customers, again saving you the effort of putting this together yourself.
  • Loyalty integrations – Customers can pick up a loyalty card from the till, the cashier takes only the customers postcode which acts as their online registration code. The customer can then go to your website and finish the registration. During the registration really good information is taken such as date of birth and email address. From this moment customers can spend and redeem points both in store and via your online shop
  • Amazon integrations
  • And more…

See some examples below of customers in the UK where we have teamed up to help them with web and ePOS;

Customer Loyalty/Customer Retention Schemes

NedFox and Garden Connect have developed a solution where your employees don’t have to spend time filling out the details of a new loyalty customer at the till.

When operating an old, obsolete ePOS system, the cashier or backoffice employee needs to fill in all customer details like name, e-mail address, address, postal code, city, county, date of birth, gender and more, often causing large queues and stress. If you are handing out many cards a day then this can cause serious queue issues and really add up! Also, giving your customers a form to fill in means that up to 15% of them could be unusable due to poor handwriting and incorrect email addresses.

Our solution;

With NedFox and Garden Connect assisting with your customer loyalty scheme, you can avoid queues and stress by ensuring the customer will register the details themselves…

Our solution

In the steps below we will explain how we thought about it, developed it, and implemented it.
Per card this can save several minutes when compared to other ePOS solutions.

  1. Cashier hands out a new loyalty/savings card to a customer and fills in customers postal code (as a registration code which takes less than 30 seconds at the till)
  2. As soon as the customer receives their card, they can start saving points (redeeming only allowed after activation/completion of the details)
  3. When customer is at home, they can login to your company website and select ‘loyalty card’.
  4. After completing the loyalty card number (which is printed on the card), they will select ‘OK’.
  5. Customer needs to fill in their registration code (see step 1 = postal code)
  6. Customer completes all required fields; first name, last name, email address, address, postal code, city, county, date of birth, gender, etc.
    (saves a garden centre employee at least 3 minutes per card if done in the backoffice or at the till and means less queuing at the till.)
  7. After completing of all fields the customer selects ‘Save’.

From this moment on, the card is automatically activated. Without any intervention from your staff, your customer is now a loyal member and can save and redeem points.

But, as a business you did receive some valuable information from the customer. Which we can use for (direct) mailings.

For example;
– Sending a mailing to all customers who ever bought a Weber BBQ -> Now 20% off on the Weber assortment.
– Getting more customers in on less crowded days, maybe a ‘free coffee’ on a Tuesday for all people over 65.
– A free coffee and cake for a customer which could be sent a day before their birthday.
– There are many more exciting ways you can engage customers from the information they have provided and the purchases they have made in your store

The sky is the limit. So many idea’s to think of here to increase customer spends, footfall and retention.

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