RetailVista Point of Sale (ePOS)

Our Point of Sale (ePOS) tills are designed to keep going. We use robust computer hardware which our point of sale is installed to.


As we don’t accept point of sale downtime, our tills are: Hybrid !


Internet connections nowadays are getting more and more stable. However, internet connections do seem to breakdown every now and then.
You may already know the issue’s this causes with your card payments not going through.

Therefore NedFox decided to make the tills hybrid:

  • As long as the internet connection is available transactions are processed realtime to our (cloud) servers.
  • Product mutations, discounts and so forth are automatically synchronised with the tills as long is the internet connection is there.
  • If the internet connection breaks down, the tills continue to work. Once RetailVista detects the connection is back online, it will immediately start synchronising all transactions, savings, product changes and so forth.

This is the only way you can achieve a stable ePOS / till solution as NedFox offers. 
Thousands of active tills with virtually no downtime whatsoever in our software.

NedFox supplies cost-effective till hardware and peripherals.

Standard 5 year Next Business Day On Site warranty is offered on our point of sale (ePOS) tills. So that in case of hardware breakdown, you will be up and running within a very short time.

Facts on
RetailVista ePOS

  • 2,000+ active tills at the moment
  • Fast, even on stores / organisations with 1,500,000+ product lines
  • > 25 million stored transactions per year


Serve your customers better with our smart, easy to use ePOS. Our tills give extremely fast sale speeds, reduced queue lengths and waiting times, integrated chip and pin, loyalty and giftcards (Including HTA giftcards), real time reporting and so much more!

ePOS RetailVista Mobile


Access your (sales) data 24-hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere, with Internet. You can monitor your business on a mobile device through real-time sales reporting, giving you control over stock and customer information.

Backoffice Website RetailVista Mobile EDI Purchase Invoice Control Business Intelligence (BI) Customer Counter


Manage all of your business and e-marketing functions from your backoffice such as loyalty scheme, customer marketing reports, your social media and online presence, as well as web shops. Our open software also allows seamless integrations with any software solution you may already have in place!

Webshop(s) Direct mailing Loyalty Kiosk Business Intelligence (BI)

NedFox ePOS offers Flexibility and saves Time

NedFox are the market leaders in garden centre ePOS, we have successfully automated over 400 garden centres throughout Europe and have over 2000 tills in operation right now.

We understand that ePOS should work around your business allowing you to become more efficient on all matters of running your store. Everyone uses their ePOS differently as no two businesses are the same. We completely recognise this and give you the option of adding or removing modules as required; meaning you are not paying for what you are not using!

Why NedFox?

50+ Man-years (!) of Development in RetailVista

Great Support & Service

All stores in 1 dashboard

Real Time Supplier information

Simple to use & modular

Europe’s first Cloud-Based ePOS – the only choice in retail solutions, and this is why:

A cloud-based ePOS solution gives your garden centre the freedom that a modern business needs to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing retail environment.

Instant access to your sales data and sales from anywhere in the world, access and interact with your loyalty and/or discount schemes, analyse your customer spends and more. Interact with your social media and online presence.

  • In the cloud, anytime, anywhere
  • Interact with your customers more effectively
  • Create much more effective loyalty & reward schemes
  • Any type of offer; multi-buy, mix & match or other sales promotions
  • Accurate loss, theft and wastage records
  • Manage one or multiple webshops
  • 15 minutes training only for new cashiers
  • Reduce your average stock levels
  • Only stock what you sell and need, don’t overstock
  • Comprehensive management statistics
  • Flexible, scalable and Future proof
  • No on-premise servers, no maintenance, no updates, no back-up’s required, let us handle that !
  • Increase customer benefit perception
  • Avoid expensive pricing mistakes
  • Simple stock enquiries and stock taking with a ruggedized PDA or APP on your phone

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