Radway Bridge Garden Centre

Why NedFox?

In short: easy to use, easy and quick to download products with excel interface and very competitively priced. There are lots of additional modules available, good backup call-centre, remote access from any device and windows based system.

Any further comments?

A very approachable and genuine company from the first meeting to the present moment. They have stood by every promise they have made.

Why EPoS?

For us at Radway Bridge is was important to make less pricing mistakes, easier for seasonal till operatives, more accurate and live stock-control. There is better wastage control, management statistics and increased profit!

What next for Radway Bridge Garden Centre?

Electronic purchasing, website interface, another till, another hand held PDA.

Installation 2-till system – Spring 2015

Modules include:
Labelling, Statistics, Delivery on Account, Invoicing, Loyalty Scheme, Gift Cards, Purchase Orders, Goods In, Webshop Interface and Excel Interface. Also included – 1 PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) hand-held computer.