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Bring your staff to the shop floor (away from the pc):

Product information Allocated Stock Change reservation pickup location Change sale price Change stock amount Inventory
Manage locations Move product locations Move product Order product Pre-scanning Print goods-in
Print thermal label Product composition Product locations  Product statistics  Product lists
Receive products / Goods-in Reservation details Revenue statistics
Sales orders Shopping cart Shrinkage
Split reservations Trace product Warehouse count

All under your control.

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RetailVista Mobile (Android / IOS)

Any solution that can save you masses of time and improve efficiencies will help you achieve your business’ goals faster. As your business develops and grows, the ability to manage the increase in customers, sales, additional warehousing space and more can present challenges. Managing and prospering from this could not be easier than with  RetailVista Mobile.

RetailVista Mobile is such a powerful tool. It is like having the backoffice and parts of the till all in the palm of your hand. RetailVista Mobile is available on a rugged hand held terminal (supplied by us) and on phones via our APP on the Apple or Play stores. This cutting edge APP brings your backoffice to the shop floor, your living room, or your holidays. With RetailVista Mobile you can always be connected to your business and spend less time stuck behind a PC in a backoffice than older, tired, on site server based EPoS solutions.

User account control allows you to distribute the relevant functions required per staff member. For example, you can enable the phones of all your permanent staff to have access to product information & labelling. Whereas management can have more administrative functions such as price changes and sales statistics. It is totally up to you and extremely flexible. In addition, our rugged hand held devices are drop and water resistant making them ideal for functions that staff are required to perform daily such as generating orders, goods in, and stock taking. The phone application allows barcodes to be scanned with the built in camera camera, while the hand held terminal has a fully functional built in 2D barcode scanner for more efficient scanning. As a result this makes it the perfect device for tasks that require lots of product scanning in a dirty or wet environment.

For phones and PDA, the APP will operate through either WiFi, or on its own mobile 3, 4, or 5g network.

Available in Appstore and Google Play store (IOS & Android)

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The big advantage of RetailVista Mobile;

It works on almost every device using Apple IOS or the Android operating system.

Product information

Using the built in scanner or your phone camera, you can scan product barcodes to see important product information such as free stock, future orders, pricing, purchasing information and more.

From here you can intuitively purchase or receive the product, adjust stock and pricing or print a label while also being able to view sales statistics.
Products can be found via a descriptive search too which is useful if you are speaking to a rep at a show and want to show them how well their product range is selling.
The RetailVista Mobile multi-functional APP is a must have for easier working from the shop floor.

See also: RetailVista Backoffice – Product Management

RetailVista Mobile - Product information - 1

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Simply scan a product and see the sales. Sales can be viewed by day, week, month, quarter or  year, and compared to the same information for previous years.

Statistics also displays as a graph.
This function is great for walking around the shop and getting accurate sales information instantly by scanning an item.
This also comes in useful when speaking with reps at shows for example where you can have your APP show the rep any information on their goods.
Perhaps some goods sell better than others and the APP can show the rep this instantly.

See also: RetailVista Backoffice – Statistics & Reporting

RetailVista Mobile - Product statistics - 4

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“I would highly recommend RetailVista as an EPoS solution!”

“Easy to learn and work with, experts help with the implementation.”

“The software impressed me and it felt good.”

“Now that the system is in, we are so pleased that we chose RetailVista.”

Product lists

With the Products Lists functionality, you are able to create your own bespoke groups of products by simply scanning them with the APP.

As each item is scanned, it is added to a custom list.
The purpose of the list could be for adding a range of products to a offer type, labelling, ordering or building a list of items you wish to keep a closer eye on as reports can be generated by lists too.

You may use the lists to scan customer baskets or trolleys for till operators to load when the customer gets to the till counter.
This is a great way of using the RetailVista Mobile device to queue bust at peak times!

See also: RetailVista Backoffice – Product Management

Basket functionality

The basket function of the RetailVista Mobile APP is designed to save you time on building customer sales orders.

You can use this function to scan goods to a basket, with desired quantities.
Then, that basket can be easily turned into a sales order and associated with a customer.

RetailVista Mobile Basket
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Sales orders

With Sales Orders you are able to build a customer order for delivery or pickup.

You can produce picking lists and quotations as well as reserving stock.
Sales orders can be prepared over the telephone with your customer by using the backoffice, or by scanning goods to a sales order using the RetailVista Mobile APP.
All sales orders are able to be reported on with full audit trail.


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Purchase orders

Using RetailVista Mobile to create orders could not be easier.

Simply scan or search for a product on the APP and input the quantity required.
If you are trying to order a product that has already been scanned, a box displays with options order additional or replace current amount.
The ordering is also controlled by security too.
Some centres will ask a normal member of staff to scan a range or area sending required amounts to an order.
In the back office, key staff may then wish to review the order first, add or editing as required before sending the order to their supplier.

RetailVista Mobile - Purchase orders
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See also: RetailVista Backoffice – Purchase orders

See also:  Backoffice Logistics & Warehousing

Stock control / change stock

Adjusting your stock could not be easier.
Simply scan a product, and adjust the total number to match the quantity counted.
Then scan the next one. This function is used normally to fix or spot check.

We use our inventory function for full stock takes.

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See also: Statistics & Reporting

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Printing labels

Using RetailVista mobile, labelling is simple.

Working in several ways, individual lines can be printed, ranges, and lists can also be created to print on bulk.
When you choose the print option, you can select the label type desired as well as the relevant printer
(some centres have multiple label printers set up to specific types of label for ease of working).

The technology behind this function allows you to print from anywhere your RetailVista Mobile APP gets wifi or data signal.
So you could send a load of labels to the printer over your breakfast table, and you or your staff can be sticking them to shelves or products as soon as you arrive for the day.

See: Thermal labelling / Product management


The RetailVista Mobile APP allows you to receive goods by simply scanning the items and inputting the quantities received.

This can be done against a purchase order already waiting, or can be received as a simple goods in function without a purchase order.
Again, staff can be given the APP to scan the latest load of goods coming in, and further analysis of the delivery can be performed in the back office by key staff.

See also: RetailVista Backoffice – Goods-in

See also: RetailVista Logistics & Warehousing

See also: RetailVista Product Management

External warehouse counting

With warehousing, you are able to tell RetailVista that certain lines or stock quantities live in the warehouse.

Using the RetailVista Mobile APP, you have the power to count and check the goods in the warehouse.
If the quantity added also means a sales order can be fulfilled, the device will prompt you to reserve the quantities required in the sales order.

RetailVista Mobile - Warehouse count to sales orders
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See also: Logistics & Warehousing

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Sales on account

Make invoice sales with/for customers walking trough the store.

RetailVista Mobile - Product Information Hamburger menu
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See also: Customer Relation Management (CRM)

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Store product location

Products may be on the shop floor, in a store room and also in a warehouse or some kind of stock holding facility.

Using the device, whole ranges or parts of total stock can be moved to different locations and reported on.
Using RetailVista Mobile lets you scan an item, and determine its new location along with the quantities of the goods that will be moving too.


See also: RetailVista Backoffice – Goods-in

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Move location products

Move products from/to other locations.



See also: RetailVista Backoffice – Goods-in

See also: RetailVista Logistics & Warehousing

See also: RetailVista Product Management

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