Taverham Garden Centre and Nursery – Revisiting a popular centre several years after installing RetailVista

NedFox caught up with Matthew Steel, manager of Taverham Garden Centre and Nursery 4 years after they originally started using our EPoS solution, RetailVista. Read on to see how they are getting along…

Taverham Garden Centre

August 2019 – Interview with Matthew Steel, Manager Taverham Garden Centre, who took on NedFox EPoS in the spring of 2015, with 8 check-outs and 4 PDA’s.

Q – Now you have your 4th spring season behind you, after implementation of the NedFox EPoS solution RetailVista, what are your thoughts and experiences to date and have your expectations been fulfilled?

A – After 4 years a lot has changed within the business and our requirements for the EPoS system have changed with it. NedFox have been able to accommodate these changes by adding some additional modules and updating others.  My expectations have been met and I am confident that the system will continue to meet my future requirements.

Q – When we asked you for your comments 4-years ago, you listed being ‘cloud-based’ as one of the main reasons that you chose NedFox over several other providers. Has this proved to be a correct assessment?

A – It has proved to be correct; I am able to log on to RV and access all data, process orders etc from anywhere. Keeping me in touch with the business at all times. It makes it easy to process orders, check existing stock levels, sales and product statistics, when visiting suppliers and saves the need to carry reams of paperwork with you.

Q – Other than the improved stock control from anywhere, what have been the greatest advantages of moving into ‘The Cloud’?

A – No worry about a server or hardware failure or loss of data, as this is all stored and backed-up remotely.

Q – Have you been able to integrate your e-marketing or loyalty scheme and has this influenced the (cost) effectiveness?

A – From the outset we integrated our loyalty scheme and gift cards with RV and also our website. This enables us to carry out all e marketing simply and very cost effectively. We have also just incorporated the HTA gift card scheme with RV, enabling us to sell and receive HTA gift cards as well as the paper vouchers.

Q – How about integrated, online sales?

A – We have not yet implemented online sales. We are using the warehouse module, which enables us to link our shop and warehouse stock to our website, which was updated this year to allow us to sell online. We are however still undecided if this is the right move for us at the moment. Ask me again next year.

Q – What about your staff – are they fully behind the changes that you introduced?

A – As with all staff, they were a little slow to accept changes however, as they used the system they soon adapted to the new system and are now reaping the benefits of the system. Even the most reluctant have slowly been converted!

Q – Would you recommend NedFox to other retailers?

A – Yes