RetailVista™ –  Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

This section provides some general Q&A’s.

No, is the short answer. To start with, a truly cloud-based system does not require the investment of an expensive on-site server and neither the need to maintain, service or back up. All software updates are automatically provided (if appropriate) and the cost is covered by the fixed monthly service charge. There are no ‘per user’ or ‘per work-station’ charges that often apply to the older, server-based systems. Once you have decided which modules to use you will know exactly what your monthly cost will be – no surprises!

Yes – As RetailVista is a completely open system it is designed to work with ‘third parties’ such as B.I. applications, Loyalty providers, Web-shops and other e-Marketing services. Some of the OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) cube solutions are great tools for business performance management and can be fully integrated into RetailVista.

Yes – As RetailVista is a completely open system it is designed to work with ‘third parties’ such as Web-shops, B.I. applications, Loyalty providers, and other e-Marketing services.
Web-sales are completely integrated into the stock control program.

There is no need, as you are directly working on our secure servers, via the Internet, which provides a truly live-system.

No up-front investment, no maintenance, no danger of running out of space and no need for back-up’s – as simple as that.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based solution:

Manage your business away from the centre – Access to your (sales) data 24-hours a day, seven days a week from a remote server, is one of the key advantages of a Cloud-Based system.
You can monitor your business on a mobile device through real-time sales reporting, giving you control over stock and customer information while you’re on the move or even on holiday.

Incur lower costs – A traditional hardwired (server-based) system will incur an upfront, non-refundable software licence fee, an annual maintenance fee for upgrades and likely other charges for technical support and training.

By comparison, a Cloud-Based system like ours will have minimal or no upfront fees, and low monthly charges.
In addition, with NedFox you are not locked into an annual contract so if you decide to upscale, downscale or switch providers, it can be done at any time without sacrificing a significant upfront investment.

Utilise advanced integration – The technology used for Cloud-Based systems allow you to integrate a number of business and marketing functions into your EPoS system. For example, card-payments can be processed from anywhere within the garden centre (not just at the check-out) and receipts can be sent directly to a customer’s mobile phone.
RetailVista, can integrate with external accounting and digital loyalty or reward schemes, which are not possible on many traditional platforms.

Get instant upgrades – Monthly fees include instant upgrades to the technology which are done remotely without any downtime or management costs to your business.
This is a significant business advantage over traditional systems.
The remote server also eliminates concerns about running out of space or having to upgrade hardware as you increase customer and stock data on your system.

Minimise the risk – The risk of data being lost through corruption and virus attacks is reduced with Cloud-Based solutions because everything is stored online. In addition, the cost of having to re-install system drivers on traditional server-based EPoS systems and the loss of revenue in the downtime can also be avoided.

RetailVista is an Internet-based application which has the great advantage that it can be accessed from anywhere.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that the security is sound.

There are many security features incorporated in the software including:

Login – A user is able to try and log-on incorrectly three times, after which the user will be automatically blocked for 15 minutes.

Thereafter, the user can try up to another three times after which that user will receive an ‘IP-Ban’ which means that user will now indefinitely be unable to log-on from that location.

Only our ‘Support-Desk’ is now able to unblock the user.

What’s not there, cannot be hacked either – The complete back-office service area of RetailVista cannot be routinely entered via the Internet.

Parties that want to use the site will need to make a request to the ‘Support-Desk’ who are the only ones that can provide access for that party, with the agreement of the retailer.

All communications with the RetailVista servers are using SSL certificates therefore all communication is encrypted.

IP Restrictions – From within RetailVista you can set all the IP-addresses that you allow access to RetailVista.

After that, RetailVista is no longer available from anywhere in the world which considerably reduces the options for potential hackers.

The weakest link – Away from the question of how interesting it will be for a hacker to hack into RetailVista in the first place, hackers are fundamentally lazy.
They will always look for the weakest link, which makes it easier for them to get in.
Generally, that is still the user (retailer) who uses a simple password , writes these down on paper or shares it with a colleague….

The above is just a summary of some parts of the security measures we use.

The minimum system requirements for RetailVista Backoffice are:
– Recent webbrowser (Chrome / Internet Explorer / Mozilla / Edge).
– Preferably 4GB ~ 8GB of RAM.

The minimum system requirements for RetailVista POS / Till are:
– Windows 7 or above (preferably Windows 10).
– Preferably 4GB RAM or above.

When the internet connection isn’t available, the tills will continue to work as usual. Transactions are stored locally. As soon as the internet connection has been restored, all transactions are processed automatically.

Using an old EPoS system ?

This section provides some Q&A’s when you are working with an old, obsolete, EPoS system or manual till.

Yes you can. RetailVista already contains conversion programs for a range of common UK garden centre EPoS providers. Supplier and historical data conversions is one of the options.

Yes you can!

If your computer is running Windows 7 (or higher) you can re-use your computers as a till / EPoS system.

It also is important to have at least 4GB of RAM memory in your pc.

If you are uncertain about the hardware you are currently using we would be happy to assist you with a remote session where we can investigate your systems for you.

  • Take note: Windows Embedded will not work in cooperation with RetailVista. If that is the case; leave us a message and let us find out if and how we can re-use your existing hardware.

Well firstly, you are in the right place. The future proof and cutting edge RetailVista solution is trusted by over 400 businesses across Europe. That’s 2000+ tills functioning right now.

We are able to convert your old or obsolete system data into RetailVista. We always aim to import/convert ALL data including at least 5 years sales and stock history. Outstanding giftcard and loyalty card balances are also imported.

With a conversion to RetailVista from your previous EPoS system you are able to lookup your historical data in a correct way with no need to login to your old system to compare data.


This section provides some Q&A’s about our loyalty systems.
(do you know we also provide central loyalty systems which can be nationwide?)

Loyalty or reward schemes have become an essential marketing tool to retain customers and increase visits and sales. Conventional EPoS can be very useful in this respect, especially to maintain your customer database, linking their sales and calculate their ‘reward’.

Our cloud-based EPoS will of course do this as well but in addition RetailVista adds a completely new dimension: the ability to introduce ‘Personal Marketing’. This service  allows you to communicate directly with each individual customer, based on shopping behaviour and recent purchases and can drastically reduce your ‘cost of reward’.

Yes you can! You can have cards printed with artwork of your own choosing and a particular range of barcode numbers. These can be sold at either a predetermined value (£5, £10 etc), or variable values.

Yes. You can sell the cards, balance check and take the cards as payment for goods just as you would expect.
This goes for the old and new HTA giftcard scheme.

Giftcards and Vouchers

This section provides Q&A’s about our (digital) giftcard and vouchers systems.
(to be used in the store and/or on the webshop(s) you might have)

No problem, digital giftcards can be bought online and emailed directly to the recipient. The voucher codes can be used both online and in-store.

A percentage of digital giftcards are never redeemed which is extra profits for the business.

Yes. With our Garden Connect integration customers can have the same shopping experience in both store and online in the webshop.

Giftcards, as well as our loyalty system, can be use in both places.
Even the loyalty balances of their card’s will be modified based on their (online or store) purchases.

Good to know that customers can see their purchases and receipts online as well.


This section provides Q&A’s on our backoffice system.

Did you know there are no license fees are charged for our backoffice system ?
An unlimited amount of users can create and work with our backoffice.

No problem, let us explain. The cloud is effectively a computer (powerful Server Computer) running in a data centre (ours are in Amsterdam, see *** below). Every time you open a website, use dropbox, use OneDrive or Google drive, you are effectively using the “cloud”. Our RetailVista backoffice solution is available from anywhere in the world because of the cloud technology which enables our software to be accessed via a internet browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. All of your data is also extremely safe in the cloud and we have never had any sort of data breach, data loss or corruption which is perfect for keeping in line with GDPR (the new data protection regulation).

EPoS means Electronic Point of Sale and is used as a recognised term for computer based till systems with software based backoffice functions.

ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning. Our backoffice is an ERP solution as it allows your business to see all of your sales, stock, customers and more; allowing you to manage your business efficiently with up to the minute data informing your decision making. We also integrate with Sage Accounting software. Our ERP is also open for any 3rd parties you may already work with to integrate into!

*** We use stacks of servers to host RetailVista “in the cloud”. RetailVista uses multiple hosting locations (read: hosting locations) in Amsterdam. These hosting locations are connected to the fastest internet connections in existence. Immediately to the internet backbone. Speed guaranteed.
At each of our hosting locations we use > 20 state of the art servers. Extremely fast to (securely) store and process your data.


If you are on holiday, or at home, or anywhere in the world, you can still log on to your backoffice from any internet connected computer with a browser.

Access your data from anywhere in the world and still have an input on business decisions without being in the office.

Not at all. RetailVista backoffice can be freely used on your computers.

We don’t want to charge you for the number of backoffice licenses you use.
If you need to run the backoffice on 1, 5 or 100 computers; it’s okay with us.

Our backoffice runs on most computers or devices with an internet browser.

No installation needed, just your username and password.

The complete suite of functionality is offered to you via our backoffice website. Simply open a web browser from any internet connected device and login.

We do not restrict in any way the number of computers you want to access the backoffice on.

Of course all data is encrypted, so your data is safe.

Application Programming Interface (API)

This section provides Q&A’s on our API


This section provides Q&A’s on the integrations RetailVista is able to provide

RetailVista Mobile

This section provides Q&A’s about our Mobile solution. This ensures members of staff
won’t be behind their pc, but spend their time on the shopfloor.

A rugged device (which you can drop from 1.5 m on concrete and submerge under water), is offered for about
£ 599.00

This includes a charging cradle and some other options.

Perfect pricing for the perfect tool to spend more time on the shop floor and not behind a desk.

Currently the following functionality is available, real-time, on your handheld device, mobile phone or tablet:

– Product information
– Product statistics
– Thermal labelling
– Product lists
– Purchase ordering
– Goods-in
– Sales orders
– Creating/filling baskets
– Stock control
– Inventory
– Warehouse module
– Queue busting
– Transport declarations
– Change stock
– Price Adjustments

And the most fun part of it; it’s all realtime.

RetailVista Mobile operates on Android and iOS devices.
You can download RetailVista Mobile in Google Playstore and Apple’s iOS Store.

After downloading the APP on your mobile phone or tablet you simply scan the activation barcode in RetailVista backoffice.

From that moment on you can spend more time on your shopfloor!
All functionality from RetailVista backoffice in the palm of your hand 😉

RetailVista Point Of Sale (EPoS)

This section provides Q&A’s on our very robust and stable EPoS system.
At this moment over 2,000 active RetailVista tills are in use throughout Europe.

The RetailVista credo’s is: “our tills should always operate, downtime isn’t an option”.

Therefore we decided to develop RetailVista POS as a hybrid till.
This way the till will always operate, even in case of an internet outage for instance.

All data is stored locally on the till. As long as there is an internet connection all sales data is immediately processed to the server.

No end-of-day batches to run. It is immediately there and available.

If an internet disruption should happen, the transactions are immediately sent through to the server as soon as the till detects the internet connection again.


This section provides Q&A’s on the really engaging ticketing system from Garden Connect, which RetailVista integrates with fluidly.

Absolutely, our integrations with partners Garden Connect means RetailVista can help with this.

The ticketing service is perfect for dealing with events like Tea with Santa, Afternoon Tea bookings, Halloween walks, bus trips; anything you can think of to ensure you are an essential stop for your community with your events.

The ticketing service also offers the use of a free APP which can be used to scan customer tickets as they come into the event. Excel exports and email reports of events and customers who have booked is also built in.

About RetailVista™

RetailVista by NedFox is the leading EPoS and management solution for garden centres. We have succesfully automated over 400 garden centres with over 2000 tills across Europe.

We understand that EPoS should work around your business, allowing you to become more efficient in all aspects of running your store. Everyone uses their EPoS differently as no two businesses are the same. We completely recognise this and give you the option of adding or removing modules as required; meaning you are not paying for what you are not using!

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