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Are you struggling to tie together all of your sales channels? Are you thinking about moving to online sales for the first time?

The trend of sales moving towards online already started. Due to Covid-19, webshop sales have massively increased in 2020. An integrated webshop powering your online sales channels streamline any manual process into more automated ones. No time consuming manual input of products to the webshop, as the core product information will come from the RetailVista database.

Check out the benefits our webshop integration offers more!

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Bring your business to the next level! Webshop integrations with the power of:

Integrated promotions  Integrated loyalty Garden Connect integration Customer APP’s API

Any changes to stock online and offline are synchronised for total stock control across all your sales channels.  This helps prevent errors as your stock is automatically updated, webshop orders are automatically transferred into sales orders and processed to your finances. You just have to pick the order and give it to the postman.

Save time and money on making less errors, less incorrect stock information and less IT Isles.

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One of the base pillars for a good integration is the RetailVista™ API. This will make sure there is real-time communication between RetailVista and your webshop(s). Yes; Webshops. You can use multiple webshops if desired.

With the aid of our integration customers will have the same benefits and experience online as they have offline. They can use their loyaltycards and customer APP’s on your website. Customers are able to see their previous purchases and points balances. The best part is that all data is virtually realtime. As soon as a webshop order is raised by a customer, a stock reservation will be placed in RetailVista directly thus your available-stock information will remain accurate. The integration prevents errors and means there is much less manual labour involved. Else stock will be sold out and customers will be disappointed.

Due to the full integration, products (or groups of products) can be assigned to the webshop and they appear online! Products do not have to be added manually to the webshop(s). Just assign them to the webshop in RetailVista, also if there are changes to the products, these will appear in the webshop instantly. No more extra work which can cause mistakes.

You would even be able to have your delivery program manipulate your sales orders with delivery days, schedule van’s/lorry’s. Real-time. For our customers who use the Garden Connect integrated webshop solution, you can have the added benefit of sending products from there to Amazon. The orders and stock are all still fully controlled here and everything comes back to the RetailVista tills and backoffice for picking and packing.

Some EPoS providers will have a team of one or two people to offer webshops that work with their own EPoS solution. But this is not enough, you need support and resources to help you push your webshop or website forward. That is why we operate a best of breed principle. Let webshop builders and marketing specialists like Garden Connect perform their magic. Garden Connect have already integrated 100+ webshops via RetailVista’s API.

How RetailVista makes your live easier and increases your turnover.

Check out what benefits our webshop integration offers more!

Loyalty Integration

The RetailVista Loyalty scheme can also offer points and more on your integrated webshop. This means that your customers journey in-store is the same online.

If you have a Loyalty integration service from from Garden Connect, the customer can log into the website using their unique loyalty card number and postcode and view some useful information.

Registering customers with your loyalty scheme could not be easier and we recommend that staff members should be offering all customers a loyalty card.

On issue, the staff member scans the barcode of the card and takes the customers postcode. And then finishes the sale. The customer can then finish the registration process on your website when they get home (some older customers may need a little help with this so you could have a tablet in-store to help this small percentage). After registering their loyalty card and giving you their details online, they can then access all of their in-store and online (if you have integrated webshop) sales history as well as points balances and the ability to edit their personal information as per GDPR.

Product Integration – Webshop and Amazon option

The RetailVista EPoS solution will hold the core data for your webshop. Core product information is sent via RetailVista to your integrated webshop. This includes Product name, Price, Promotion, Stock and brand information. When the products are sold on the webshop, the order will be pushed from the webshop to one of your shop tills for the order to be processed like any other sale. At this point the staff member may wish to print a picking list to gather the goods for collection or delivery.

Working in this way means you only have to maintain one database of product information with the latest pricing and promotions. Stock is also carefully considered and accurate across all of your sales channels. And there is smart technology in the integration to avoid overselling goods.

The Garden Connect integrated webshop also allows you to push products from RetailVista, through your webshop to Amazon. Again all stock is carefully considered and accurate and orders will be pushed back from Amazon through to the RetailVista till.

“£8000 of turnover across one weekend. With the Customer Marketing option!”

“Easy to learn and work with, experts help with the implementation.”

“The software impressed me and it felt good.”

“Now that the system is in, we are so pleased that we chose RetailVista.”

Customer Marketing

We can offer two excellent solutions for your customer marketing needs.

In-house – The first is already available in the core RetailVista solution provided you have customers who are recognised in the till such as loyalty customers. There is a powerful mailing export tool which can allow you to build mailing lists for e-marketing (or postal) campaigns. Simple to use, this function can filter out any number of customers based on visiting frequency, spends, customer groups and more. It can also easily show you who has not been in to the store over a period of time. Or who spent more than £100 in a time frame.

Garden Connect Personal Marketing – If marketing in-house is not something for you and your team, then Garden Connect can help. With the integration between RetailVista and Garden Connect, they are able to interrogate your EPoS database of loyalty customers in order to produce marketing and promotional material for all, or some, of your customers. Garden Connect can view visitation frequency, spends, interests (customers that have bought BBQ’s may be interested in an upcoming BBQ event you  may have on).  Additionally, this also offers a very powerful automatic email system based on specific purchases. For example if a customer orders an Apple tree, an email can be sent directly to the customer instantly with receipt, and also care instructions of how to plant your apple tree and look after it. A few weeks later, another email could be automated to simply say “We hope you are getting on well with your apple tree, would you mind leaving us a review”. Then, in 6 months (or when the trees are fruiting), another automated email can be sent out with a recipe for Apple Crumble, with links to relevant products you sell that could help a customer prepare the dish. We have many examples of this working for customers and everything is tracked and reportable for us all to see how successful the campaign was. One recent example brought in an extra £8000 of turnover across one weekend.

Webshop Optimisation

With Garden Connect being the industry leaders in online marketing for garden centres and nurseries, it makes sense that there are services that can be offered to ensure your businesses webshop is always near or at the top of Google searches. Offering services such as adword campaigns, Personal Marketing, Local Search Engine Optimisation and more, you can be assured your webshop will be found by customers


With our multiple options of Giftcards, your customers will always be able to find something to buy for someone special. We allow you to have your own in-house giftcard, and also integrate with the latest HTA giftcard scheme. The giftcards themselves have no value until they are sold to a customer which means you can use your HTA and/or in-store giftcards to create great displays knowing that if one of those cards wanders off you have not lost any more than the few pence the cards cost to be printed and sent to you. In-store giftcards can create a very positive cash flow with a large number of giftcards never being redeemed. Customer returns can also be processed onto a giftcard which prevents the need for refunding to cash or credit card and ensures any money refunded will stay in the business.



With garden centre Restaurants, Tearooms and Cafés booming in recent years, we have made sure we could deliver a great hospitality module to ensure you only need one EPoS solution to help you operate your whole business.

Our hospitality functionality will allow you to sell your food and drink through either pay-as-you-go canteen style, or through our table service option with the option of tables adding to their meal as they go and paying for it at the end. When till staff and servers input a customers food and drinks order, a special heat resistant printer in the kitchen can receive a print out with table number and any extra dietary notes required for the chef to prepare. Additionally, your drinks and dessert section can get another print out so they can prepare their side of a meal. With Kitchen and Bar printed receipts, never miss an order again, and avoid staff having to bump into each other as they pass hand written notes around the different departments. This solution is really flexible and will meet the demands of your hospitality business.

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