Increase Turnover with Powerful Customer Segmentation and Communication with the RFM Model

Not every customer of yours is the same. One comes more often, another other less often, but spends more. And so there are many different types of customers. As a retailer you want to approach your customers in a personal way. But how do you do that when it’s hard to determine who your best customers are and which are less loyal?

By using the RFM model you can automatically create customer groups and approach them in a personalised way, which increases conversions and turnover.

The RFM model allows for better, accurate communication with your customers. This proven effective model targets your customers through segmentation based on the following characteristics:

R – Recency – When was the last time your customer visited

F – Frequency – How often does your customer come to the store

M – Monetary – How much money does your customer spend

The RFM module will allow you to segment and send specialised promotions to individual segments of customers via your Garden Connect personal marketing service, MailChimp or other Mail engine you use to send mailings to customers. This can be used to reward the highly scored customers, or to encourage further visit and spends with the lower scored customers.

Customers are grouped into one of these criteria below (block names are subject to change);

RetailVista RFM

How does the RFM model segment?

The RFM model divides customers into (a maximum of) 10 segments.

After setting the parameters, your customers are automatically divided into segments by RetailVista, based on “dynamic segmentation”. This is calculated daily so customers will naturally move up and down the segments. With the correct marketing and promotion strategy, hopefully most customers are moving up towards an “ideal customer” segment. There is no work involved on your part to segment your entire customer base.

Below is a example based on a 9 segmentation set up;

Customer Segment Examples

Case: ‘’Ideal Customer’’

Your best customers are placed in the ideal customer category. These are loyal shoppers who spend a lot of time and money at the garden centre.

To further improve your relation with this customer, you could, for example, send them a personalised Christmas card to thank them and wish them happy holidays.

Furthermore, you could give them vouchers or offer them other specialised promotions.

Case: ‘’Newbies’’

Newbies are relatively new customers who haven’t visited the garden centre a lot.

A good marketing strategy could tempt them to come by again so that you are ‘’top-of-mind’’.

Extra Benefits for Customers

We can also show customers what they need to do to climb a tier in order for them to receive the extra benefits a higher tier offers. This can have the impact of customers trying to up their score by coming in more often and spending enough to hit the next tier in order to receive better rewards; and as a result, increase turnover and customer satisfaction for your business.

To learn more please click on the webinar link in orange below (or click here) where NedFox and Garden Connect directors Edwin Meijer and Ernst van der Linde will describe the RFM model. Using screen shots and examples you can really see how powerful the RFM model can be, and clearly see the potential this future proofed functionality can offer your business.

Bring your business to the next level! EPoS with the power of:

Loyalty  Promotions Giftcards Integrated Chip & PIN
Hospitality Cash reconciliation Scale integrations
Customer footfall counter Queue busting Transport declaration
Customer scanner (in-store)  Safe integration

Access data anytime anywhere, for better business decisions. 


Point of Sale (EPoS)

We use a hybrid combination of both cloud based and locally installed tills. Practically this means: No downtime, ever. As long as there’s an internet connection the tills process all transactions in real-time which gives a business up to the second sales statistics. If there happens to be a disruption in the internet connection, RetailVista will store the data locally on the till computers memory. As soon as the internet connection is back-up, the transactions will be sent and processed automatically. RetailVista is developed in such a way that the tills always continue to operate.

For us; Downtime isn’t an option!

How RetailVista makes your live easier. 

Retail is fiercely competitive. We keep you two steps ahead of your competition.


Customers can save points with the loyalty scheme. Points are added to product groups, but can also be increased to gain more footfall on specific quiet periods with multiple point promotions available. In store promotions and discounts can be made available to ‘loyalty card-holders’ only. Multiple loyalty card types can be set-up (Retail, Staff, Trade, Friends and Family etc).

Marketing promotions, mailings and newsletters can be sent to your customers based on their previous purchases or targeted at customers who have not been in for some time. You can access your customer details and sales receipts via your RetailVista back office or RetailVista Mobile APP. We also have the plastic saving option of completely digital loyalty card which can be scanned from the customer’s smartphone at the check-out.


Save time on centrally managing your promotions. This can be done via the back office dashboard of RetailVista.


If you are 1 store, or multiple stores, you only have to fill in the details of the promotions once, thereafter these promotions are available and active in all your tills and all of your stores. Some stores may need to have different pricing in order to stay competitive with other businesses nearby; this is of course no problem at all and RetailVista caters to this perfectly with store specific pricing and promotions available.

“I would highly recommend RetailVista as an EPoS solution!”

“Easy to learn and work with, experts help with the implementation.”

“The software impressed me and it felt good.”

“Now that the system is in, we are so pleased that we chose RetailVista.”

Giftcards (HTA / In-house / others)

With our multiple options of Giftcards, your customers will always be able to find something to buy for someone special. We allow you to have your own in-house giftcard, and also integrate with the latest HTA giftcard scheme. The giftcards themselves have no value until they are sold. In-store giftcards can create a very positive cash flow with a large number of giftcards never being redeemed. Customer returns can also be processed onto a giftcard which prevents the need for refunding to cash or credit card and ensures any money refunded will stay in the business.



With garden centre Restaurants, Tearooms and Cafés booming in recent years, we have made sure we could deliver a great hospitality module to ensure you only need one EPoS solution to help you operate your whole business.

Our hospitality functionality offers pay-as-you-go canteen style, or table service (with the option of tables adding to their meal as they go and paying for it at the end). When till staff and servers input a customers food and drinks order, a special heat resistant printer in the kitchen can receive a print out with table number, customer meal orders and any extra dietary notes required for the chef to prepare. Additionally, your drinks and dessert section can get another print out so they can prepare their side of a meal. With Kitchen and Bar printed receipts, never miss an order again, and avoid staff having to bump into each other as they pass hand written notes around the different departments. This solution is really flexible and will meet the demands of your hospitality business.

Integration payment terminals / Chip & PIN

RetailVista has card payments integration with PaymentSense and Treibauff. This allows for instant contactless and chip and pin transactions without the need to enter an amount into the pin pad. Simply press credit card on the till payment screen and the customer will tap their card, or enter their pin, and the sale is completed. Payment of funds in to your business bank account will be made for the following day.  Our card processing partners allow for Android and Apple pay too!

The PaymentSense terminals we work with also offer a Bluetooth option so they are portable up to 90 metres away from the till (provided there are no walls etc in between to disrupt the signal).

Queue Busting APP

Use RetailVista Mobile for queuebusting. Scan the trolley and import into the Till / your EPoS system.

See: RetailVista Mobile

Cash Reconciliation

Considerable daily time saving, quick and correct summaries. You only enter the liquidity flows between till-drawers, safe and bank. Discrepancies are quickly analysed and easily corrected. After approval, till totals can optionally be exported to your accounts.


RetailVista Shopscanner integration. Reduces the amount of questions asked to your staff members by giving customers the option of approaching the shopscanner, and scanning any item to see all the information they need on the product. Simply scanning the product will display price, discounts and offers if applicable.

Scales integration

RetailVista integrates with Herbert scales and scales from Mettler Toledo. This enables you to sell weighed or everything from loose animal feed to fruit and veg.

Footfall counter

With RetailVista, we are able to set up a physical Customer Counter to measure your maximum sales potential. As customers walk through your doors, a digital counter linked to your RetailVista back office, adds them up one by one. Then, by using simple reporting tools we can calculate the traffic to sale conversion as a percentage. For example, if 100 people walk through your doors and the till registers 30 sales, you know that your traffic to conversion rate is 30%. Insights into customer behaviour like this can really help you boost profits.

RetailVista Safe integration

With RetailVista, we can increase the security of cash handling at the till with our cutting edge safe integration technology. This unit replaces your cash draw and is able to automate many process normally handled manually by your till staff. Our Safe Integration unit counts the money being paid in with customer cash purchases and automatically distributes the correct change.

For large amounts of money (for example in a casino), a timer can automatically be added to the hand-out of money from the safe (for instance 2 minutes).

RetailVista Transport declaration

Manage all of your shipping needs, whether to a customer or business with the RetailVista Transport Declaration functionality. This function allows you to easily manage your small to large fleet of vehicles used for transporting goods to businesses or customers.

The transport declaration contains:

  • Name of the customer
  • Number plate of the car/van/lorry shipping the goods
  • The invoice number
  • Place of destination
  • Ability to ship goods to other countries at 0% VAT
  • Option of digital signature

The complete transport declaration document, including the customers signature, is stored in RetailVista. At the end of the transaction in RetailVista the normal receipt is printed, together with an A4 document containing all the details of the purchase and shipping.

For businesses operating bustling warehouses and yards, this way of working saves you a lot of time, you’ll use less paper, and above all: you are able to track back and look at any information within seconds.

Sales on account

Customers can purchase and take goods, the stock will be decreased by the amounts purchased and the debt can be placed on the customer’s account. Invoices can be sent when you choose (normally month end). Credit limits can be applied to stop customers building too high a debt. Account sales can be integrated with accounts package Sage to save you time. Invoices can be sent to the customer as each sale occurs. Alternate they can also be sent as a batch job at the end of the month to reduce the amount of administration time. Batch invoicing allows for multiple customer invoices to be merged into one for simple visibility for the customer when the invoice arrives in their inbox.

See also: Account sales & invoicing

See also: Financial integration

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