Sales Orders; from quotation to reservation

Are you struggling to process orders from businesses or sole traders where some goods may be in stock, but others might need ordering in?

Do you need to raise and email quotations to customers? Do you need an easier way to inform customers when the required goods come into stock?

The Sales Order functionality in RetailVista allows you to handle these orders in store, over the phone, or via your webshop(s). Contact us or keep reading!


Let us help you process your quotes, sale orders and sales:

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Sale orders

Our Sales Order functionality allows you to take orders over the phone, at a till, or on the shop floor with the customer via the powerful RetailVista Mobile APP. Sales Orders allow you to create an order for a customer, that can be continually added to, edited, changed, right up until the order is confirmed.

You can also start this process by quotation which can then be turned into an “open sales order”.

When the all the required products with quantities have been added to the unconfirmed order, you can then post the order to account sales, produce picking lists, delivery notes and invoices if applicable.

This is perfect for your trade customers like landscapers or similar who call up or pop in to raise bulk orders for collection or delivery.

In-store departments that handle large items like furniture can also use sales orders for items not in stock. A sales order can be raised and items not in stock can be ordered in specially for this customer.

However the sale is processed – in store or online – RetailVista will make sure that everything is recorded, stock moves the correct way (in real-time) and your customer is satisfied with the process.

How RetailVista makes your live easier. 

Retail is fiercely competitive. We keep you two steps ahead of your competition.

Webshop Integration

NedFox are proud to have fellow leaders in innovation and specialists in garden centre marketing strategies, Garden Connect, as one of our partners. As the HTA’s digital partner, Garden Connect are the industry leaders in online services with more than 300 garden centres trusting them with their websites, webshops, web content and marketing services. Together we are nearing 100 integrations with our RetailVista EPoS suite where we have co-cooperatively helped improve efficiency and automation. The integration with Garden Connect includes Webshop product information, stock, images and offers. Customers purchases are sent from the webshop to the Sales Orders within the tills for picking, shipping and collection. With the loyalty integration customers can pick up a loyalty card from the shop, and use this to log on to the website to view points balances, sales history, gain points on online sales and more.


We can cater to all your varied promotion needs. For example, landscapers can be given their own 15% discount on plants, Staff could be given 20% off all ranges except fuels. However many types of customers or products you have, rest assured we can automate any discount agreements you want in place. Other promotions are available too such as mixed matches, product bundles and product specific offers.

“I would highly recommend RetailVista as an EPoS solution!”

“Easy to learn and work with, experts help with the implementation.”

“The software impressed me and it felt good.”

“Now that the system is in, we are so pleased that we chose RetailVista.”


Whether you are a single store business or multiple store; with a NedFox loyalty scheme in place you can maximise customer footfall, spends and retention. Our points based loyalty scheme can be plastic card based, or digitally on your customers smart phone. Promotions and offers can be specific to loyalty customers only and based on previous purchasing habits like supermarket schemes. Points earned on product groups can be easily adjusted to offer bigger rewards in your quieter periods.


RetailVista allows you to build a quote within the software either over the phone or in person with your customer. Quotes can be left open for as long as needed, and can be closed and converted to a active Sales Order when ready where they can then go through the normal sales orders routine such as generating packing lists, confirming the order, and taking payment. This module works seamlessly with the sales orders functionality and avoids you needed to physically write down. Customers who order the same goods regularly can be served quicker as closed quotations can be reopened, edited or left as they are, and again converted to a sales order.

Transport declaration

Manage all of your shipping needs, whether to a customer or business with the RetailVista Transport Declaration functionality. This function allows you to easily manage your small to large fleet of vehicles used for transporting goods to businesses or customers.

The transport declaration contains:

  • Name of the customer
  • Number plate of the car/van/lorry shipping the goods
  • The invoice number
  • Place of destination
  • Ability to ship goods to other countries at 0% VAT
  • Option of digital signature

The complete transport declaration document, including the customers signature, is stored in RetailVista. At the end of the transaction in RetailVista the normal receipt is printed, together with an A4 document containing all the details of the purchase and shipping.

For businesses operating bustling warehouses and yards, this way of working saves you a lot of time, you’ll use less paper, and above all: you are able to track back and look at any information within seconds.



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