Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Manage and interact with all of the people that are involved with the business smartly and efficiently. With the ability to email invoices and receipts to customers, use our EDI for suppliers, invoicing for debtors, and integration into accounts packages; we can cover it all.


Bring your business to the next level! EPoS with the power of:

Suppliers Customers Debtors 

Access data anytime anywhere, for better business decisions. 

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Relationship Management

  • Suppliers; Communicate with suppliers through email or EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), import or make changes to supplier products quickly through spreadsheet
  • Customers;  Possibilities to market to loyalty customers through email
  • Debtors;  Invoices emailed directly to the customer either as the sale occurs or in bulk at the end of the month, credit limits can be added too

For us; Downtime isn’t an option!

How RetailVista makes your live easier. 

Retail is fiercely competitive. We keep you two steps ahead of your competition.


Whether you are a single store business or multiple store; with a NedFox loyalty scheme in place you can maximise customer footfall, spends and retention. Our points based loyalty scheme can be plastic card based, or digitally on your customers smart phone. Promotions and offers can be specific to loyalty customers only and based on previous purchasing habits like supermarket schemes. Points earned on product groups can be easily adjusted to offer bigger rewards in your quieter periods. Discounts can be given to different groups of customers. Landscapers can be given their own 15% discount on plants, Staff could be given 20% off all ranges except fuels. However many types of customers or products you have, rest assured we can automate any discount agreements you want in place.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows you to send and receive orders directly into your back office for a faster and more accurate ordering and receiving process. It can also be used for inter-company transfers allowing seamless movement of goods to and from other sites you may own. For the geeks like us out there, this method can communicate via X400, SMTP and FTP.

“I would highly recommend RetailVista as an EPoS solution!”

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Customers can purchase goods and take them, the stock will be decreased by the amounts purchased and the debt can be placed on the customer’s account. Credit limits can be applied to stop customers building too high a debt. Invoices can be sent to the customer as each sale occurs, or reduce the amount of administration time being taken up by this and send all your invoices at the end of the month. Multiple invoices can be merged into one for simple visibility for the customer when the invoice arrives in their inbox. Account sales can be integrated with accounts packages to save you time.

Financial Integrations

Are you currently doubling up some of the work due to lack of integrations with your EPoS and financial solutions? Is the information placed in your accounts not entirely 100% due to lack of good information available from your current solutions?

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Account sales & Invoicing

Are you hand writing your customer account sale invoices?
Are all the customers who owe you money just logged in a book at the moment?
Or is the current system you use for invoicing dated and clunky?


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See also: Financial integrations

Loyalty cards

Customers can save points with the loyalty scheme.

Points are added to product groups, but can also be increased to gain more footfall on specific quiet periods with multiple point promotions available.
In store promotions and discounts can be made available to ‘loyalty card-holders’ only.
Multiple loyalty card types can be set-up (Retail, Staff, Trade, Friends and Family etc).


See also: EPoS, section: loyalty cards


Save time on centrally managing your promotions.
This can be done via the back office dashboard of RetailVista.

See also: EPoS, section: Promotions

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