Product Management – Fast, easy and simple to use. Like it should be.

Are you fed up with manually updating products from suppliers multiple times per year?

With some EPoS providers or older EPoS systems, this is still very time consuming and sensitive to errors. Not with RetailVista.  The importing of product data and supplier files can be done via Import Excel and and is a huge timesaver on product management.


Bring your business to the next level! EPoS with the power of:

Exchange  Import Supplier Excel Headoffice interface Thermal Labelling
Viridicode Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) Product Lists

One central dashboard to operate your store(s). If you are a single store or a multi-store company;
time will be saved on labour and errors on data-entry. During demo’s people said…

“This is what EPoS / automation should be like !”

They where blown away how we (RetailVista) import supplier Excel files. Now that’s a very nice compliment. Keep in mind: Importing a sheet with 20,000+ products will only take a couple of minutes, max! Contact us or keep reading!

Product information

RetailVista allows you to import lots of different information from Excel files such as product information from a supplier. Just assign to the corresponding fields in RetailVista and you ready to import.

Multiple purchase rows per product can be imported (different outer sizes & prices / different suppliers). Therefore RetailVista will suggest which purchase row is the preferred purchase row.

All data entry is performed in real-time. As soon as an Excel file is imported the changes will not become live until you have made some checks. We found out that other EPoS suppliers will put the changes live immediately. Impossible!

Why is immediately processing bulk spreadsheet changes wrong? Because of course we need to find out first what the implications of processing the changes would have. Which items are on stock and need re-labelling? With the push of a button RetailVista can print new price labels, but only for those products where a new price is in effect.

This procedure works if you operate 1 store. But imagine how much time this will save if you have multiple stores.

For us; Make data entry easy! All from one real-time (central) dashboard. Saving you massive amounts of time.

How RetailVista makes your live easier. 

Retail is fiercely competitive. We keep you two steps ahead of your competition.

Product Management

Add/Edit/View product records on the RetailVista database.

RetailVista offers complete product management to help you with the day to day up keep of products. Product Maintenance allows for Add, Editing and viewing of product records in RetailVista. Discounts, new barcodes, upcoming prices, labelling can all be performed here for individual lines. Product sales statistics can be viewed and purchasing info can also be added, viewed and edited.

RetailVista Exchange

Exchange is our tool for your business to handle mass changes to product records. For single stores, managers can populate Exchange quickly with any amount of new products (10’s of thousands if required) via Excel sent from suppliers, or new price changes from suppliers. Filters can be applied to just show you your goods with new sale prices and more. Product imports or changes can be checked before committing the change to the database proper. For head offices of multiple store businesses, chains or groups, these changes can be made centrally and sent to one, some or all remote stores (some stores may need different pricing to remain competitive with other businesses nearby).

“I would highly recommend RetailVista as an EPoS solution!”

“Easy to learn and work with, experts help with the implementation.”

“The software impressed me and it felt good.”

“Now that the system is in, we are so pleased that we chose RetailVista.”


Viridicode is a unique way to barcode your plants which was invented by the developers here at NedFox. Most suppliers in the Netherlands have now adopted the Viridicode. The Viridicode enables full track and trace on plants as the barcodes number contains a code which enables the plant to be tracked all the way back to grower. It also enables you to efficiently label all plants. If you send these plants to another business, your code will then be included on the Viridicode barcode and so on.

Thermal labelling

With the Sato CL4NX label printer, keeping on top of your labelling and shelf edge needs is super-fast and easy. Price changes on items can automatically populate the printer queue, new ranges from suppliers can be imported and sent immediately to a label queue too. You can log in to the back office from anywhere in the world and print labels to the shop printer with our cloud printing solution.  Our RetailVista Mobile APP can be used to scan products to print labels and also create lists to be sent to the label queue.

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

Our innovative ESL’s enable you to update your shelf edge labels with the press of a button. This solution looks great on the shelf (imagine a shelf edge label but using kindle paper technology). and allows you to quickly change pricing and shelf edging of all products where the ESL is in use. Some products change regularly so this can really save time and paper. Avoid staff walking around the store with paper shelf edge labels and speak to us about how RetailVista can help you become so much more efficient and enable your business to have really professional looking shelf edge labels.

Product lists

Lists of products can be created on the back office or via our industry leading APP, RetailVista Mobile. Extremely versatile; these lists can then be used for queue busting, labelling, range of goods to discount, range of goods to mixed matches offers, ordering, and more.

Interface headoffice

For multiple store businesses and groups with a head office; the head office is able to manage product changes for all, some or just one of the stores. All product changes, labelling, discounts and more can be controlled centrally. If some stores require different pricing as they may need to be competitive in their area, then individual store pricing is also possible.

Import supplier Excel files

Suppliers can send you the latest product ranges, or latest pricing on ranges of goods via spreadsheet. This spreadsheet can then be used via Exchange to make mass changes to one, some, or all stores in the business. All reports can be exported to Excel too.

Do not waste time by reading extensive documentation and
spending hours trying to figure out what software would
fit your organisation the best.

Our EPoS specialists guide you through our Retail Software. Tell us what you would like to improve
and we will show you how you can solve it by using RetailVista EPoS and ERP.

Just spend 30 minutes attending an online demo, without any obligations.

RetailVista software is used by 400+ retailers to easily operate stores and webshops, from anywhere.

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