Logistics & Warehousing

Is managing your stock control through supplier purchase orders, goods-in and deliveries costing your business time? Is your current logistics around stock control a little chaotic with no real knowledge of total goods values on site?

With RetailVista we are able to introduce these EPoS functions to your business and team. Any stock movement through P.O.’s or sales is recorded and controlled efficiently with complete traceability to who performed which task.

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RetailVista; Accurate and realtime stock control

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With the help of RetailVista™ stock control systems your stock information will be accurate and spot-on.


Logistics & Warehousing

With RetailVista we can use many of our smart and easy to use functions to ensure the stock control around your logistics is smooth and stress free with complete audit history of changes made. Purchase orders can be created by staff member A (or by Auto stock/Min Max levels), adjusted and confirmed by a supervisor, received into stock by staff member B, and checks, changes or differences can be finalised again by a senior or trusted staff member. At each stage the audit history is keeping track of who did what. And the aim of having accurately stocked shelves is complete.

When sales occur, the stock is reduced by the purchased amounts. At this moment we can produce a delivery note. For some businesses we have API integrations with their own transport systems. So with RetailVista, anything is possible, and everything is accurate and recorded.

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Stock control

A core concept of EPoS is stock control. You don’t want to be holding too much or too little of your product lines. Too much stock and it can gather dust and hold up capital, too little and you may not be able to fulfil your customers needs. With RetailVista we can help you control your stock, ensuring you have just the right amount on the shelves. With simple solutions to full “Auto Stock” where min, max levels are based on previous ‘X’ weeks/days sales. With stock control you can see the total stock holding and valuations within a couple of button clicks.  With RetailVista, you can avoid having empty shelves and stock rooms that are too full.

Purchase orders

RetailVista has many smart ways of helping you control your purchases. With our purchasing functionality, your business(es) can make use of ordering your product stock lines through the back office. Orders can be generated in one or combination of several ways; Manual Orders, Hand Held Terminal ordering, Min + Max ordering and Auto stock (where min and max levels are calculated based on previous X days/weeks sales). All orders can be safely generated by general staff and approved on the back office by key senior staff before being sent to your supplier via email.

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows you to send and receive orders directly into your back office for a faster and more accurate ordering and receiving process. It can also be used for inter-company transfers allowing seamless movement of goods to and from other sites you may own. For the geeks like us out there, this method can communicate via X400, SMTP and FTP.

Warehouse locations

With our powerful APP warehousing becomes so much easier to manage. Whether on our powerful hand-held APP “RetailVista Mobile”, or on the back office, you will be able to move product locations, edit your location names, change stock, change pricing or discounts, generate sales orders and more. Combined with EDI you can also easily move goods between your sites.

See also: Integrations via Application Programming Interface (API)

Integrations Slimstock

With Slimstock it is possible to replenish your store or DC in an efficient way. Slimstock uses the stock and transaction-information out of RetailVista and will calculate the best minimum and maximum stocklevels for each item. Within Retailvista purchase-orders can be generated based on the stock levels and the future-stock of each product. Slimstock is the more advanced version of the internal RetailVista ‘Minimum and Maximum Stock calculations’


See also: Integrations via Application Programming Interface (API)

ABBYY form conversion

For the development and functionality of purchase invoice control we made use of the leading and innovative scanning technology from ABBYY. Paper documents or PDF’s can be scanned by ABBYY and read by the artificial intelligence. Documents scanned are purchase order confirmations, goods-received notes and purchase invoices. These digitised documents can be used within the RetailVista modules such as ‘Goods-In’ and ‘Purchase Invoices’. ABBYY is the counterpart of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), so documents from suppliers that are not able to processed via EDI-messages can be digitised easily. Your whole purchase-trajectory can be made more efficient and checkable by ABBYY.


FIFO is a retail software function around your goods-in processes where we are able to extend reports and offer a pure margin based on “first in, first out”. Reports are generated using the true purchase price of each batch of goods in received, as opposed to the last purchase price received or averages.

Purchase invoice control

Save time on your purchase invoice administration by letting the RetailVista back office process these invoices for you. We have achieved savings of around £4,300 per £1M dry-goods sales. We are able to “read” invoices sent to you via email, EDI or on paper (paper invoices will need scanning in). These invoices are then automatically processed and booked for payment in your accounts.


Goods-In is the next step after raising a purchase order. Goods-In can again be performed in several ways meaning that it is flexible enough to adapt to your companies purchasing and goods-in style. Staff can scan the goods coming in against purchase orders as they arrive with phones, or better yet a ruggedized Hand-Held-Terminal using the innovative “RetailVista™ Mobile” APP. You can also tick off a delivery note and receive the goods in the back office after making any changes due to overs and unders. Should you have differences in what you asked for and what you have received, RetailVista™ is able to produce differences lists and assist you with paperwork for credit invoices and returning goods to suppliers.

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Return goods

There can be a lot of administration involved when trying to return broken, over delivered or even wrongly delivered goods back to the supplier. We help take the hassle out of this and can produce the paperwork required. This links with the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for even more time saving on these types of tasks.


See also: RetailVista Mobile APP

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