How secure is RetailVista ?

RetailVista is an Internet-based application which has the great advantage that it can be accessed from anywhere.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that the security is sound.

There are many security features incorporated in the software including:

Login – A user is able to try and log-on incorrectly three times, after which the user will be automatically blocked for 15 minutes.

Thereafter, the user can try up to another three times after which that user will receive an ‘IP-Ban’ which means that user will now indefinitely be unable to log-on from that location.

Only our ‘Support-Desk’ is now able to unblock the user.

What’s not there, cannot be hacked either – The complete back-office service area of RetailVista cannot be routinely entered via the Internet.

Parties that want to use the site will need to make a request to the ‘Support-Desk’ who are the only ones that can provide access for that party, with the agreement of the retailer.

All communications with the RetailVista servers are using SSL certificates therefore all communication is encrypted.

IP Restrictions – From within RetailVista you can set all the IP-addresses that you allow access to RetailVista.

After that, RetailVista is no longer available from anywhere in the world which considerably reduces the options for potential hackers.

The weakest link – Away from the question of how interesting it will be for a hacker to hack into RetailVista in the first place, hackers are fundamentally lazy.
They will always look for the weakest link, which makes it easier for them to get in.
Generally, that is still the user (retailer) who uses a simple password , writes these down on paper or shares it with a colleague….

The above is just a summary of some parts of the security measures we use.