I’m not quite sure what “cloud”, “EPoS” and “ERP” mean?

No problem, let us explain. The cloud is effectively a computer (powerful Server Computer) running in a data centre (ours are in Amsterdam, see *** below). Every time you open a website, use dropbox, use OneDrive or Google drive, you are effectively using the “cloud”. Our RetailVista backoffice solution is available from anywhere in the world because of the cloud technology which enables our software to be accessed via a internet browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. All of your data is also extremely safe in the cloud and we have never had any sort of data breach, data loss or corruption which is perfect for keeping in line with GDPR (the new data protection regulation).

EPoS means Electronic Point of Sale and is used as a recognised term for computer based till systems with software based backoffice functions.

ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning. Our backoffice is an ERP solution as it allows your business to see all of your sales, stock, customers and more; allowing you to manage your business efficiently with up to the minute data informing your decision making. We also integrate with Sage Accounting software. Our ERP is also open for any 3rd parties you may already work with to integrate into!

*** We use stacks of servers to host RetailVista “in the cloud”. RetailVista uses multiple hosting locations (read: hosting locations) in Amsterdam. These hosting locations are connected to the fastest internet connections in existence. Immediately to the internet backbone. Speed guaranteed.
At each of our hosting locations we use > 20 state of the art servers. Extremely fast to (securely) store and process your data.