Why would Cloud-Based systems be better than the conventional solutions?

Benefits of a Cloud-Based solution:

Manage your business away from the centre – Access to your (sales) data 24-hours a day, seven days a week from a remote server, is one of the key advantages of a Cloud-Based system.
You can monitor your business on a mobile device through real-time sales reporting, giving you control over stock and customer information while you’re on the move or even on holiday.

Incur lower costs – A traditional hardwired (server-based) system will incur an upfront, non-refundable software licence fee, an annual maintenance fee for upgrades and likely other charges for technical support and training.

By comparison, a Cloud-Based system like ours will have minimal or no upfront fees, and low monthly charges.
In addition, with NedFox you are not locked into an annual contract so if you decide to upscale, downscale or switch providers, it can be done at any time without sacrificing a significant upfront investment.

Utilise advanced integration – The technology used for Cloud-Based systems allow you to integrate a number of business and marketing functions into your EPoS system. For example, card-payments can be processed from anywhere within the garden centre (not just at the check-out) and receipts can be sent directly to a customer’s mobile phone.
RetailVista, can integrate with external accounting and digital loyalty or reward schemes, which are not possible on many traditional platforms.

Get instant upgrades – Monthly fees include instant upgrades to the technology which are done remotely without any downtime or management costs to your business.
This is a significant business advantage over traditional systems.
The remote server also eliminates concerns about running out of space or having to upgrade hardware as you increase customer and stock data on your system.

Minimise the risk – The risk of data being lost through corruption and virus attacks is reduced with Cloud-Based solutions because everything is stored online. In addition, the cost of having to re-install system drivers on traditional server-based EPoS systems and the loss of revenue in the downtime can also be avoided.