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RetailVista - #1 cloud based Retail Platform

RetailVista, the #1 cloud based Retail Platform for retail chains, hard- and soft franchise organisations, shop-in-shop's and individuals.

In 2008, RetailVista was launched. Europe's first fully cloud-based retail-platform.
RetailVista made it's mark in various industries at home and abroad (multi-lingual).
Over 500 retailers use NedFox´ retail platform RetailVista. With over 3,000 tills and more than 5,000 active users.

The 'Cost of Ownership' remains low. RetailVista and RetailVista hosting are to be leased.
User rights are again low and against very predictable fixed cost.
The functionality of the Retail Platform has greatly expanded over the years.
See the clickable schema below.

Features of the RetailVista ERP 'In the cloud' Suite

RetailVista, #1 cloud Retail Platform

RetailVista, #1 cloud Retail Platform



  • Cloudbased, so always and everywhere real time availability via websites, mobile apps etc.
  • Flexible, scalable and completely future proof platform based on C#.NET and SQL, hosted by NedFox.
  • Integrated trough the open 3-layer architecture of the proven RetailVista Service Platform.
  • Third-party applications can easily be linked by the RetailVista API via WCF and webcalls.
  • Convenience and predicatable lower costs.
  • No onsite servers necessary.
  • You save on backups, software updates and maintenance.
  • The retailer can focus on sales & marketing. We will concentrate on the operational issue's.

RetailVista ERP, The Retail Platform with endless possibilities

With the functionality of the RetailVista ERP Suite you can greatly improve the efficiency of your stores.

Below, a number of salient features and a full diagram of the available functionality.

RetailVista, #1 cloud Retail Platform

RetailVista, #1 cloud Retail Platform




  • Clicks & Bricks offer equal experience for your customers in the store. Also on the Web, known as "Omni-channel".
  • Your customers choose when, where and how a purchase takes place.
  • You pay for the modules you need on a monthly basis. License costs are something of the past.
  • Extensive functionality for the physical and the online store.
  • The RetailVista Suite contains functionality from Master Data Management, ePOS, Logistics, Loyalty, Webshop to Business Intelligence and more.
  • The functionality of RetailVista helps you reduce cost and increase your margins and turnover.



Resellers Wanted

For the United Kingdom and the United States we are looking for resellers of our suite.
Please contact us at




  • Aylings Garden Centre

    Mr. Michele Gaudelli, the IT Manager and one of the directors of Aylings Garden Centre & Club Green sent the e-mail below to NedFox without any modifications done by NedFox:   I just wanted to drop you an email to say a big thank you to the NedFox team for helping us…

    Mr. Michele Gaudelli, the IT Manager and one of the directors, Aylings Garden Centre & Club Green
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