Carpenders Park Garden Centre converted from Easitill to NedFox’ RetailVista

Carpenders Park Garden Centre are pleased as punch to be fully converted from their previous ePOS system to our cutting edge solution; RetailVista by NedFox Ltd.
Carpenders Park Garden Centre migrated from Eastill to NedFox' RetailVista

Ernst, Martin and Dave from NedFox have just spent 3 days with Carpenders Park (November 2019), installing 6 tills and performing training with the relevant staff.

On the last day we sat down with the managers/owners and some staff to get their honest thoughts on how they felt the installation has gone.

Manager, Riaz told us:

I am excited to build upon our recently refurbished garden centre with a future proofed system that will help all our processes improve. From day one I have found many areas of the business instantly change for the better; product import, purchase ordering; and our end of day is now extremely quick. All the staff have got on board with the new till system within the first 15 minutes of use. If there has been a challenge you (NedFox) have fixed it quickly. For both Carpenders and NedFox I can see a good relationship together for the future and look forward to working hand in hand and seeing both our businesses grow.

Our future plans will be staged and phased in as we are ready for them and include Internal CMS (Customer Management System) looking to integrate with NedFox’ API (Application Programming Interface) in order to improve customer interaction with us, improve our sale orders process from shop to door with delivery/transport planning also being worked on again using the open API.

Aiden from ‘kaizenos’ will modify our existing CMS in such a way that all orders, open for delivery, will be displayed in our CMS. These orders can be dragged and dropped in a schedule for a specific van/lorry, on its route. All data will be instantly modified in NedFox’ RetailVista automatically. The van-driver can mark a delivery as delivered in his delivery app. To think about the options and openness of RetailVista we can continue to grow and improve our automation and internal processes in the next decade to come.

With the new loyalty solution in place we are looking forward to target
marketing and reporting on our marketing using customer specific post code. We will also be able to track easily which customers used our vouchers that we send out in our quarterly magazine we produce in house. This will really let us see how successful our magazine vouchers really are.
Carpenders Park Loyalty cards

What is also good is that we now have multiple loyalty schemes/savings cards for our customers. Trade cards where our trade customers receive their own specific discount agreements. VIP cards and Staff cards. With RetailVista we can easily set-up good savings and discounts on higher margin groups, but of course we exclude low margin groups.

Overall the Installation and conversion has been smooth and the conversion included 7 years of sales history which was converted from our previous ePOS system. I am quite pleased to be away from my previous supplier…

Managing Director of NedFox Ernst van der Linde said:

The cooperation is perfect, I really like how the company (Carpenders Park Garden Centre) works and this is an excellent basis for a great partnership.”

Senior staff member Jamil says:

Just cashing up is so simple with so much more information, I feel like I can do tasks like customer telephone orders without any difficulty. Previously with our old ePOS solution, my comparison reports were
taking me so long to run and was very long winded. Now with NedFox’ RetailVista, a touch of a few buttons and the info is there.”

Manager, Abdul explained:

I am looking forward to the system stock holding facilities, analysing the product winners; I know in my mind most of the best products but the system will identify others. Like Riaz, I am also looking forward to tightening up systems.
“Negotiating with suppliers is also easier with RetailVista and will help me drive down our buying prices. Mostly it has been guess work previously.
My backoffice can always be with me, especially at the shows on my phone, laptop or tablet and will let me gain any show offers I like easier.

We asked wordsmith Connor (senior staff member) for his thoughts on the whole process so far who gave us this two-thumbs-up response saying:


NedFox Co-owner Martin Tank also said:

We always like to build partnerships with our RetailVista users as opposed to supplier/client ones. This helps with open communication and ensures we are always looking after our system user

Finance Manager Hanif says:

These guys get up early! The phone mobile app (RetailVista Mobile) was amazing! How easy it was to use a mobile phone on the shop floor and update record’s in real time was great! Previously I had to take products to the back office so love this new way of working. The mobile phone or handheld terminal shows real-time data. This is excellent.

Dave, Hanif & Martin
On a personal note it is great to have Dave Everett who we have known for nearly 13 years still aboard and working with us.”

NedFox executive Dave Everett responded:

I have been really impressed with the conversion and how quickly everyone seems to be picking up RetailVista and it is really good to be working again with a great company and family that I have known for years!

So, the future use and development of RetailVista with Carpenders Park Garden Centre, including warehouse locations and integration with Sage Online, has been mapped out in several phases that will be implemented as the business is ready for it.

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