Goldcliff Garden Centre

Another successful conversion by NedFox

Goldcliff Garden Centre

Goldcliff Garden Centre is the latest successful EPoS conversion. Goldcliff Garden Centre is a family run business with Matthew Hicks, wife Liz and daughter Charlotte all working full time within the business along with other members of staff.

We met Matthew at the GLEE tradeshow in 2019. He described to us several reasons as to why he was looking for a new EPoS solution; he wanted a modern, cloud based and cutting edge solution that would work for him. An EPoS solution that is available on any device with a web browser, anytime, anywhere. He wanted a better way of rewarding his customers. And he did not want to worry about backups or data protection. We were more than happy and able to help him and his business with all of this and more.

Matthew Hicks

We installed 2 tills in February 2020 along with an integrated card payment solution which avoids any key entry of payment for the staff. The NedFox team consisted of Martin and Dave who spent 2 days with Matthew and his family and staff training and installing the tills.

Within 3 hours of our arrival, Goldcliff Garden Centre was trading on our newly installed tills after a short training session.

Also, loyalty customers will now go through a one-time 30 second switch at the tills. They will be given a brand new barcoded loyalty card, beautifully designed by illustrator Charlotte. All loyalty points balances from the previous EPoS system were retained as part of the conversion.

Matthew and his business now have the benefit of our modern and flexible loyalty scheme, HTA card integration, RetailVista cloud back office (which can be accessed from home or the trade shows), and RetailVista Mobile (our second to none APP available on iOS and Android).

So read on to see why Matthew chose to trust NedFox’ RetailVista to power his business in this successful EPoS conversion.

“Goldcliff Garden Centre is a traditional garden centre that is based on plants and gardening. We have had our EPoS system for several years that has led to an increase in profits that has far outweighed the investment.

“I was aware that our till system needed updating as the computers were no longer supported by Microsoft. I saw NedFox at GLEE and liked the clear operator screen and the fact that all the data is stored on the Cloud.

“We took the data from our old EPoS system and the developers at NedFox converted it for use with the new RetailVista system.  The installation took place on site over 2 days with the second day focusing on training.

“The only downside is that I am in charge of the back-office and being of a ‘certain age’ I am struggling with installing new products. I will be having further training this week and WILL become master of the system. Besides, with the help of the import excel file tool, 1000’s of products can be imported or changed in minutes by using supplier provided spreadsheets”

Matthew Hicks
Goldcliff Garden Centre