J A C K P O T…. Out of the box thinking from NedFox

Reward a random customer and make their day. Enable bonus rewards based on number of transactions.

With our RetailVista ePOS solution, you can use one of our great features to enable your tills to offer bonus Jackpots to a random customer based on number of transactions.

For example, you can choose to give every 25th customer £5 on their rewards card. Or every 100th customer £25.  Or maybe you would only use it on typically quieter periods to increase footfall on those days. The feature is fully customisable by you. A feature like this in your businesses promotional material and shop point of sale can really increase footfall and customer retention. Done correctly and in a fun way, word of mouth can quickly spread as happy customers who feel good and enjoyed being made to feel special will talk about the great experience they had at your garden centre!

One innovative garden centre owner was using our physical customer counter (see article about physical customer counter here). He noticed that his footfall in the shop was much greater than his transaction numbers through the tills. He knew he wanted to increase his conversion rate of customer footfall to customer spends.

He tried to track the benefit of external marketing in papers and magazines but again found this very difficult to work out the effect, if any, that this advertising was having. So he added up the revenue he was using for advertising and divided it across the year and started to really impress his customers with a random transaction reward incentive. Every so many sales, he either gave a digital £25 voucher or £25 discount. When the tills hit the trigger amount of transactions, RetailVista ePOS automatically assigned and showed the Jackpot to the customer and the Jackpot blew the customers away. He immediately noticed that this sort of scheme generated a buzz and word of mouth began to spread and the customer footfall increased, as did the sales.

This feature is just one of the many innovative and fun ways you can use our ePOS solution to engage your customers.

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