NedFox’ visit the Dublin National Botanic Gardens

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On a recent visit to Dublin for the popular GLAS industry trade show, NedFox managing director Ernst van der Linde and UK business executive Dave Everett took some time to visit the stunning Dublin National Botanic Gardens.

We found ourselves in awe of the grounds and really interested in the history of the gardens and wanted to learn more.

In 1790 the Dublin society (now the Royal Dublin Society) were granted the funds to establish a public botanic garden. Originally the gardens were used promote the scientific study of agriculture. Eventually over the next hundred years, plants, trees and specimens were brought in from all corners of the world, and the pursuit of botanical knowledge became the driving force of the gardens. From Argentinian Pampas grass, to Orchid seeds, to giant Amazon waterlily’s, the gardens began hosting some of the most interesting and wonderful species of plants, trees, and cactus.

We hope you like the pictures we took, we are not experts on plants so there’s not a lot of names here of the plants shown. But we are experts on EPoS and ERP. If you would like to learn more about our services please click here to be directed to our homepage or follow this link here and get in touch.

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