Revenue Statistics; New from NedFox for 2024

Revenue Statistics is the powerful EPoS statistics tool for your mobile from NedFox EPoS and ERP

Our developers here at NedFox have been continuing to be busy with new functions for RetailVista. The new Revenue Statistics App for personal mobiles and in store mobile devices is the perfect tool for owners, managers and team leaders to keep an eye on things throughout the day, while also always being able to quickly see comparisons with previous days, weeks, and months.

RetailVista has always been able to show you real time statistics from the backoffice, but now you can have it on your mobile phone while you are on the shop floor, avoiding the need to be on a backoffice PC when you may be needed to be present in store.

The display for Revenue Statistics is easily switchable from graph to numerical with a tap so you can always be sure of the figures you are viewing.

If you would like us to get in touch with you discover more about how RetailVista and our Revenue Statistics mobile feature can help your business then please click here