Creating plant arrangements with RetailVista Mobile

Discover the power of RetailVista Mobile for creating plant arrangements!

With our advanced features, you can effortlessly combine a pot, plant, and accessories like potting soil, thank-you cards, and labour costs.

With RetailVista ERP, you can create templates for arrangements, in which fixed components such as labour costs are added automatically. This allows you to simply choose the plant and pot and specify the desired selling price.

The advantage of using arrangements in RetailVista is the accurate distribution of revenue over all involved articles, ensuring that VAT and inventory corrections are executed automatically and without errors.

And there’s even more good news: with the upcoming RetailVista 2025 update, inventory management will become even more efficient! From now on, inventory will be reduced at the moment of creating an arrangement, rather than at the moment of sale.

Upgrade to RetailVista now and discover our advanced software!