Safe Integration

RetailVista has had integrations with electronic safe solutions like CashGuard for many years.
A big advantage of this safe integration is that cash in the payment process is offered to the safe by consumers themselves, and change is automatically calculated and dispensed.

With this solution, discrepancies with the cashdrawers and safe are a thing of the past. Additionally, the risk of robberies and cash register fraud is minimized because delays can be set in the payout process for larger amounts.

Besides the CashGuard safe integration, we are currently investigating support for Lincstation ( The advantage of this safe over CashGuard is that consumers can not only offer coins themselves but also banknotes. Cash register employees will no longer handle any money. Lincsafe also offers a solution for self-service checkouts when the wish is to pay with cash.

Depending on the contracts you sign, the money in a Lincsafe safe can be directly deposited into your bank account at the end of the day.

This is independent of the time a cash transporter decides to empty a safe, as they will wait until the safe contains sufficient value to make it profitable to empty.

Interested in a Lincsafe solution in combination with RetailVista POS? Then please contact us.