Save £1,000’s, annually! (on best card payment rates)

NedFox and Paymentsense Partnership

    Saves retailers £1,000’s, annually!

NedFox Ltd has teamed up with ‘Paymentsense’, to provide cloud-based payment technology, fully integrated into the RetailVista’s ePOS platform.

 ‘Paymentsense’ is one of Europe’s largest merchant service provider, serving more than 50,000 small and medium sized businesses, to process over £5 billion worth of card payments, each year. From contactless card machines to integrated solution and online payment services, they provide businesses with card processing solutions that are secure, simple and affordable, allowing you to take payments in store, online, over the phone and on-the-go.One of NedFox’ client recently saved over £10,000 per year in card-charges, which is more than twice his service costs of running the NedFox Cloud-Based ePOS.
The Paymentsense solution, called ‘Connect’, is fully cloud-based, eliminating the need for local software and enabling support across all operating systems and programming languages. Updates happen automatically, so you will always be on the latest version. All card machines work straight out of the box. They are pre-configured to work with RetailVista, so you can simply ‘plug and play’.

NedFox has negotiated preferential transaction and management fees, which, to date, have not been beaten by any other provider. These terms apply exclusively to NedFox clients and are re-negotiated on an annual basis. The other benefit is that card-terminals are provided free of charge – so no monthly rental fees! (terms and conditions apply). This service is scheduled to go live in April 2018.
‘Paymentsense’ provide these services as well as 24/7 UK-based customer support to NedFox-clients, but NedFox will always be an independent contractor and the principle agreement remains between the NedFox-client and ‘Paymentsense’. NedFox is not an agent in this relationship and has no authority to bind Paymentsense or their clients by contract, or otherwise to any obligation.

What savings can you make ?

If you would like to find out what savings you can make, email a copy of your most recent current provider’s statement to and we will contact you by return.

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But we can also integrate with any other processor/acquirer