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Plant barcoding optimalisation

Mark Vroom, CTO of NedFox is visiting Leurs garden center in Venlo for process optimisation barcoding of plants. RetailVista has recently been able to process EKT messages from the auctionclock and Excel sheets with VBN codes to ViridiCode bar codes, Great time savings For our Dutch readers, see: http://www.viridicode.nlFor our English readers; contact us via […]

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ViridiCode – NedFox’s answer to the long-standing need for universal coding of plants

ViridiCode consists of a unique two-dimensional barcode where the barcode represents a specific plant batch. Because the code is unique worldwide, a link can be made from the retail environment to, for example, delivery notes, using the same code. As a result, the purchase price can be retrieved, for example, without it showing in the […]

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