Clarenbridge Garden Centres – Ireland

Clarenbridge Ireland

Clarenbridge’s multiple stores and warehouse/DC automated by partnership with innovative NedFox, providers of RetailVista EPoS and ERP solution

Clarenbridge garden centres are a multiple site business with distribution centre, located in Ireland. In 2004 David Farragher founded the company, and the company has been family-orientated since the beginning.

Since January 2022, Clarenbridge has been in partnership with Nedfox using our future proofed and innovative RetailVista EPoS and ERP solution.

Through close contact, the phases of development were gradually rolled out at a sensible pace. That process started with importing all their products in their database. Over time, more and more functionality will be added as Clarenbridge get used to the system and the powerful new ways of working.

In the following interview, the owner of Clarenbridge David reflects on his experience, and the reasons why he chose RetailVista

Why did you decide to switch from previous EPoS supplier to RetailVista?

Number of reasons, growth was not sustainable with our old system, with different branches and our distribution centre, we couldn’t advance quickly enough.

Which modules benefit Clarenbridge the most, and why?

Stock control gives massive benefit, but for me as an owner, the reporting module (Statistics) is most useful for me. The reporting lets me hold people to account. But that is what I find most useful, the staff in the shops and distribution centre may have other favourite functions to myself.

How did you get in contact with Nedfox?
NedFox were the fourth or fifth company as we could not find a solution that would fit us. We found NedFox on Google and were happy to discover over the course of demonstrations and meetings that they were a fit for us.

What were your demands for a new software, prior to working with RetailVista?

We needed a true ERP (Enterprise resource planning) and EPoS system as the business grows, and we needed more management tools, not just stock control.


“Working with RetailVista allows us to grow the business, for me it is not just a supplier relationship, but a strategic partnership”. 

David Farragher, Owner Clarenbridge Garden Centres



What Does RetailVista Provide To Clarenbridge?


First of all, RetailVista handles Clarenbridge’s entire logistics. RetailVista ensures Clarenbridge’s logistical operation runs smoothly. A flawless delivery of goods and maintaining good inventory management is indispensable, and that is what we are helping Clarenbridge with.

The above processes, through RetailVista, are made very smooth, efficient, and straightforward. This is mainly because the procedures for these processes are similar, and not too difficult, after having become familiar with the system. This includes transfers between sites and distribution centres, purchase order management, drop shipping, webshop deliveries, warehouse locations for simple picking of orders and more.

Website integration

NedFox understands the importance of automating processes as much as possible, and Clarenbridge’s webshop is no exception.

Through connecting and integrating their WooCommerce web platform with RetailVista, we have been able to automate the fulfilment of weborders. As a result, a lot of time creating weborders manually, has been spared.

NedFox’ strong development team built the integration with WooCommerce especially to ensure smooth operations for Clarenbridge and now can offer this as an option for any garden centre operating WooCommerce.


Clarenbridge also benefits greatly from having a crystal clear picture of their stock position.

RetailVista provides a great awareness of total inventory, the location of products, and information on goods-in vs. goods-out. RetailVista also keeps track of free stock, stock reserved, and future stock (future stock is made up of current stock, future purchase orders, and unfulfilled customer orders out) so the business always knows the stock position.

This allows for our retailers, like Clarenbridge, to know precisely what they’re up against, and what actions to take based on the data they have. For example; if you see stock running low, you can immediately decide to resupply.


Managers and Owners don’t have to be confined to one location, and don’t have to travel to run their entire business. This is made possible because the RetailVista backoffice is accessible, real-time, from everywhere in the world via an internet browser.

Any piece of information or data for the entire operation is just a few clicks away, at any time it is needed.

Handheld Scanner

In addition to the above, Clarenbridge uses RetailVista’s ruggedized handheld scanner which is operating our cutting edge retail app; RetailVista Mobile X. This device can save retailers a lot of time at the shelf, in stores, and in the distribution centre as it puts much of the power of the backoffice in the palm of your hands on the shop floor where it may be needed most. This avoids much of the need for staff to be stuck in an office behind screens.

By scanning a product, you instantly receive all important information. From there, you can initiate important steps. For instance, creating a new purchase orders, goods-in, labelling, price changes, stock taking, statistics, order picking and more.

In addition, this app can be installed on normal Android and iPhone mobile devices via the Apple store or Play store. Perfect for managers and owners.