Customer Conversion Trends -> Discover the trends!

Conversion rate: The relationship between people who buy, and people who don’t.

Do you know how many people leave the garden centre and not bought anything ?
When do your customers peak, every day of the week ?

Are they using you for checking prices and buying elsewhere, perhaps online ?
It is hard enough getting the new customers to visit you in the first place, so it is crucial to monitor not only the number of ‘sales’ on the checkouts, but also the conversion rate;

The relationship between customers who buy items, and people who don’t, and changing trends in that relationship.

Because this is monitored realtime, you can see the hourly number of people coming in and out and therefore great for staff planning as well.
All you have to do is connect the device (example below) to the entrance of your store and connect an UTP cable so the device is connected to the internet. From that moment you are able to start looking for (conversion) trends !