Why is RetailVista Omnichannel instead of Multichannel? And why you should care

The difference between ‘Omnichannel’ and ‘Multichannel’ retailing

Omnichannel retailing is like multichannel retailing, but with a much broader vision of the opportunity. Whereas multichannel retailing is about increasing the number of supported sales channels, omnichannel retailing focuses on data- and infrastructure-readiness to deliver an all-inclusive view of the customer relationship on any channel.

The difficulty for retailers lies in having a single consistent source of data available to customers, regardless of how they contact the retailer. Methods of contact include smartphones, web pages, brick-and-mortar stores, sales kiosks, phone sales, catalogues, and so on. These channels usually operate different systems without built-in data integration. The retailer must create a holistic view of the customer and make sure that product and account data is the same on every channel.

NedFox provide a completely integrated Retail ERP and ePOS solution called RetailVista, which is now available to the UK garden sector industry.

The difference between omnichannel and multichannel

RetailVista enables you be a successful omnichannel retailer!

Much has been spoken and written about omnichannel retailing – putting the customer first and to unambiguously serve the customer, irrespective of purchase phase or the purchase channel used.

These days, the customer decides when, where and how the purchase takes place. As a retailer, you must respond to this, by being present when the customer is searching, comparing, deciding and purchasing, 24/7.

What you need as a garden centre to be an omnichannel retailer, other than the conviction that this is the future for retailing, are systems and data that enables you to approach a customer in a clear manner and irrespective of the stage of the purchase process and irrespective of the medium that is used, at that moment in time.


By a positive response to the customer’s expectations. If your data is complete, and here we are talking about customer details, product information and transaction information, you have the basis to serve your customer in a good and personal manner, with relevant information and targeted offers.

RetailVista ERP Suite
RetailVista ERP Suite

If your system has been designed in such a way, that this data is always and instantly available, you are ready become a truly omnichannel retailer.

For this data to be instantly available, you need an open system, which will seamlessly integrate your ePOS system with the different sales channels such as a webshop, kiosk or app. Especially the increasingly important app’s integration is an area where many, often older systems, are struggling, due to their ‘closed’ nature, which prevents these from integrating with other systems and stops you to become an effective omnichannel retailer.

RetailVista is a 100% open system. This means that whichever information and/or sales channel you are using, you are always getting the most accurate information from the central system and your customer, or prospective customer, gets the up to date customer, product, price and stock information that is expected. So, if a customer is looking for information by mobile, tablet, laptop, or PC, via app or kiosk or at the garden centre or assistant, all customer, price and stock information comes from the same system.

RetailVista Loyaltycard app
RetailVista Loyaltycard app

Benefits – the 3 most important benefits for you, as a omnichannel retailer:

  1. Your customer drives the process, wherever they are in their purchase process and irrespective the sales channel used (shop, website, webshop). Your customer always receives the correct and up to date information, for their personal situation and with the relevant promotions.
  2. Cost Savings: All information is only processed once, so there are no unnecessary duplication processing costs.
  3. Increased Sales: You are in touch with your customer from the moment that they start the search for a new product. This gives the greatest opportunity for the company to present the product(s) and maximises sales success. There are also the opportunities for personal marketing, based on purchase profile, via app/loyalty scheme, website and newsletter or, product related reminders.

Become an omnichannel retailer, Now!

For more information about NedFox (the company) or RetailVista (the system) and how we can help you to become a real omnichannel retailer, check the following websites www.nedfox.com and www.retailvista.co.uk or contact NedFox on 020 369 502 19 or 0031 527 249 900.