Fernhill Garden Centre – Ireland

First Irish installation

The award winning Fernhill Garden Centre was established 1978 in the beautiful
town of Athlone in central Ireland. Since Fernhill Garden Centres early days it has
steadily grown into one of Irelands most respected and leading garden centres
and landscape contractors.

We met the team from Fernhill at the GLEE tradeshow and were able to
demonstrate the many benefits of them moving from their old tired EPoS solution
to our modern RetailVista solution.

As a modern company Fernhill Garden Centre is looking to improve and
streamline online and offline customer journeys, marketing, interactions,
average spends and retentions. Just as importantly they want to improve
business efficiencies, both in-store and online.

Fernhill also wanted to be able to reduce the work and streamline all webshop
processes. Together with our online marketing partners Garden Connect (who
created the Fernhill Garden Centre webshop), we have completely integrated the
online shop to the RetailVista EPoS database. This integration means that the
webshop always has the latest products, pricing, stock and offers.

When customers place an order, the Fernhill staff receive an email alerting them to an
order, and the order can then automatically be processed through the till and
shipped or put aside for collection.

Through meetings and demonstrations, Fernhill saw that we were the best
solution available in the market for garden centres like theirs.
Due to the corona climate the installation was more different than usual with the
installation being performed entirely remotely which presented some challenges.
Happily, with our innovative team and some great staff at Fernhill all challenges
were easily overcome, lessons were learned and future remote installations due
to corona will be as smooth as if we are on site in person.

Fernhill Garden Centre are now using RetailVista to help run the store and online
webshop. They are operating 3 tills and are now fully trained in reporting,
purchasing and goods in, excel product entry, sales orders and more.

Director of the business Eoin Reid has this to say about RetailVista:

it has been a challenge during covid (to switch to a brand new EPoS), but we found that the
team at RetailVista were very progressive in getting all the solutions we needed
to us remotely, through zoom video calls and phone calls. The ability to
understand and integrate to existing systems has been a big positive. The
flexibility to solve problems regardless of how challenging gave us great comfort
that the system is tailored to our industry and business desires and wishes.

I would highly recommend RetailVista as an EPoS solution, getting to grips with it
now I can see the amount of information I am able to take out of the it. How easy
for us to place orders, check goods in and do everything on the shop floor and
not stuck in the office by using the RetailVista Mobile APP”.