NedFox exhibiting at Future Lines Garden Centre Retail Event with RetailVista Garden Centre ePOS

NedFox, the new UK garden centre ePOS provider will show their cutting-edge cloud-based ePOS solution at this new and exciting event.

M.D. Ernst van der Linde said: “the event gives us a great opportunity to show how far we have come in the field of ePOS. Our cloud solution allows the user to access their system from anywhere they want to without the need for an office-based server and to fully integrate any e-marketing solutions. A truly future proof solution.”

When asked what benefit a cloud-based system offers over a conventional server-based one , van der Linde replied: “A world of difference. Other than the considerable lower set-up cost, there are no up-front licence or maintenance fees, no ‘per user’ or ‘per workstation’ charges, no back-up worries and all updates are included in the fixed monthly service charges.”

“The technology used for Cloud-Based systems allow you to integrate a great number of business and marketing functions into your ePOS system. For example, card-payments can be processed from anywhere within the garden centre (not just at the check-out) and receipts can be sent directly to a customer’s mobile phone. Our system RetailVista can integrate with external accounting and digital loyalty or reward schemes, which is not possible on most traditional platforms.”

NedFox is the largest European garden centre ePOS provider, that moved into the UK in 2013 and set themselves the ambitious target to become the # 1 provider in the UK garden centre sector by 2020.

Eimert de Graaff – UK Sales Consultant NedFox –