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NedFox receives Accreditation by request of the retail sector

Mr Mark Vroom, Technical Director of NedFox B.V. received the Kassakeurmerk Accreditation for their RetailVista ePOS System. Keurmerk Accreditations – by request of the retail sector Mark Vroom: “We were regularly asked by garden centres if RetailVista had this prestigious certification for the category ‘Reliable POS’, so we decided to go for it. The most […]

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NedFox offers new label feature: printing labels, with unique reference number, ideal for Christmas tree sales!

For example: when labelling Christmas trees, it is now possible to create and print reference numbers for each individual tree, for each batch printed. For the customer and for you this makes the Christmas tree sale far more efficient. You tear off the customer part of the label, the customer goes to the check-out, pays […]

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RetailVista Parcel Service integration, so you can make your business more efficient

Track & Trace: Track deliveries If you organise deliveries, usually from webshop orders, customers may like to track the shipment. RetailVista can register packages for parcel services. RetailVista stores the ‘Track & Trace barcode’ that the parcel service creates, for the specific delivery. There are parcel services that send an e-mail with information to the […]

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