RetailVista EDI, to enable you to work more efficiently

What is EDI?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange: the exchange of data between companies in an electronic way. This happens in a standardised way. Benefits are speed, convenience and fewer errors in the exchange of the data.

The integration of EDI into RetailVista

“Openness” has been a fundamental principle in the development of RetailVista. Using international standards is part of this. Within RetailVista an advanced EDI integration has been developed for sending and receiving messages, which earned NedFox the accreditation of “GS1 Solution Provider”.

GS1 (Global Standards One) is a global organisation focused on the design and implementation of standards in the field of electronic communication between companies.

The best known is GS1 for 2 products:

Which EDI messages can RetailVista send and receive?

  • Purchase order from RetailVista to supplier
  • Purchase order generated by the supplier, for example a telephone order or a push order
  • Delivery note when receiving goods
  • Delivery of goods to other parties, for example inter-store deliveries
  • Purchase invoice. The purchase invoice is then read into the purchase invoice control module of RetailVista
  • Purchase invoice for transfers to other parties, for example inter-branch
  • Returns. Informing suppliers about goods that are ready to be returned
  • Sales reporting. This message is intended to inform suppliers about what has been sold from their stock range – for example in consignment stock arrangements
  • Stock reporting. This message is often used in combination with the sales report to inform suppliers about what has been sold from their range
  • Product information. This message with product information can be made and read by RetailVista to export or import product information
  • Webshop orders. To also enable standardisation in the processing of webshop orders, a variation on the EDI order message has been made. This is because EDI is basically an exchange between companies (Business to Business). The adjustments which are made to enable the message to be used for Consumer to Business communication, are shared with GS1

The benefits of EDI

In addition to doing business with your suppliers quickly and efficiently, other advantages are:

  • Faster exchange of information
  • Less paperwork
  • Faster processing of orders
  • Better stock management
  • Less chance of errors, accuracy improves


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