HTA Members “Knights Garden Centres” started with NedFox’ Cloud Based ePOS

In February 2017 Knights Garden Centres started with RetailVista, the cloud based ePOS solution of NedFox.

Both sites Nags Hall & Betchworth where implemented at 2nd and 3rd February.

Knights Garden Centres where very serious about starting with NedFox’ ePOS and all the benefits it will bring them. At Knights one person got an instruction on-site last year on how to use RetailVista for importing all supplier Excel files.

In the recent weeks items where labelled and prices where checked with the Motorola PDA (handheld device).

Discount agreements, debtors, quantity price breaks and mixmatches and other discount types where created. Once they where set-up correctly the actual migration from the ‘old group-dump tills’ to the new ePOS systems was very easy. Almost all items where scanable and discounts where applied immediately. For the unscannable items the touchscreen with group-dump-codes is used (whereafter the unscannable items are put in RetailVista)