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Why is RetailVista Omnichannel instead of Multichannel? And why you should care

The difference between ‘Omnichannel’ and ‘Multichannel’ retailing Omnichannel retailing is like multichannel retailing, but with a much broader vision of the opportunity. Whereas multichannel retailing is about increasing the number of supported sales channels, omnichannel retailing focuses on data- and infrastructure-readiness to deliver an all-inclusive view of the customer relationship on any channel. The difficulty […]

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RetailVista Parcel Service integration, so you can make your business more efficient

Track & Trace: Track deliveries If you organise deliveries, usually from webshop orders, customers may like to track the shipment. RetailVista can register packages for parcel services. RetailVista stores the ‘Track & Trace barcode’ that the parcel service creates, for the specific delivery. There are parcel services that send an e-mail with information to the […]

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